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I have paddled both boats head to head. ( as a rep for both companies I better have!)

Carolina 14.5- The Carolina 14.5 has been a great selling model for Perception for almost 10 years. It got a modernized hull 2 season ago that gave it a little more speed and made it feel alot like a miniature sea kayak.
This boat is a good all rounder. Medium speed, decent glide, with a fairly responsive hull without being intimidating.
Once it is outfitted properly with hip pads it is as rollable as any other day touring boat. I enjoy the feeling it gives of being close to the water however the trade off is that some water will come over the bow of the boat in chop and windy conditions. The new zone outfitting is simple and comfortable and offers lots of adjustment especially in the thighbraces and back band height.

Tsunami 145- This great paddling boat was introduced last year and proceeded to sell like crazy.
It features a hull like no other light touring boat. Stable like a rec boat, but the speed of a light touring boat. This boat is a little harder to push into tight lean turns, but the predictable hull even on edge makes up for it. The ride is drier than the Carolina with a fairly full bow cutting through the chop and directing the spray away from the paddler. I have never had a need to roll a Tsunami as the stability is so good that I have never had the boat close to going over, but again with proper outfitting (hip pads) and a little practice there is no reason why it would be any more difficult than any other day touring boat to roll.
The Phase 3 outfitting is second to none and allows a huge amount of adjustability.

You really can’t go wrong with either boat so long as they fit you. What one paddler loves another will hate so spending some time sitting in the boats at least on the shop floor is a real benefit that could shed some light onto fit concerns. They really do paddle very differently and it may be in your best interest to wait until you can paddle them both before you make up your mind.
I trust this helps. Happy Paddling!

Paul Brittain
Confluence Watersports Canada- Ontario Rep

"joat":3e6s0nn1 wrote:
Has anybody paddled these boats head to head? I am looking for a day/weekend touring boat that is seaworthy and rollable. I know I should wait and paddle them both but I am anxious to get started and would like to buy before my local outfitter rents for the summer (early may).