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Tyler Durden
"Ryan":1nhulgqj wrote:
[b:1nhulgqj]I highly, highly recommend NOT using steroids sprays if possible (absolute last resort).[/b:1nhulgqj] Quote from Tyler

Hey Tyler – It sounds like you have more information on Steroid Sprays. A strong recommendation from a random boaterboard user holds little to no water (attempt at pun fully intended). Perhaps you have some info we could use. Let us know what info y ou have and where your info comes from. I’ve been told (by my doc) that this is completely acceptable to use for paddling purposes. Also, this type of spray does not have the addictive properties of otravin and the like. I think that this stuff is safe to use, but I’m open to more information if ya got it.

Flonase is prescripbed for daily use (for seasonal allergies) and it has been in use for a long time. My doctor had no concerns about me using it before paddling sessions (musch less than daily), and I know some paddling physians who use it as well. YOu need a prescription for flonase so talk to your doctor about any concerns. It works like a charm though.[/quote:1nhulgqj]

Random boater board user? Oh, I guess since I don’t post 10 times a day that means my statements don’t hold any water, I’m really sorry about that Ryan. I’ll be sure to post more posts (with meaningless dribble) to boost my post count. Maybe if I post enough, I can be called “Captain Morgan”. Would I have your respect then? Because I’m really concerned about this.

I think apologies are also in order for not entirely putting my trust into family physicians when it comes to healthcare (this does not mean I don’t respect the profession though, they certainly have there place as your primary health care provider). In this day and age of alternative/complimentary modalities, I guess you choose to rule out (or have not been exposed to) other potentialy less invasive and more natural remedies.

I’m not going to waste my energy here and inform you of the potential side effects of long term steroid use for nasal spray….this is pretty mainstream information at this point, just google it. If you must know, my “information” regarding my sinus infection situation comes from a string of previous disappointing visits to my family doctor, my own research and positive visits to my Naturopath.