Return to Yuro – Deemo… Paddling in St. Kits? – Boydo?

Re: Warming up to it.

"Bobbie":1tmkjhs2 wrote:
Yo Deemers,

Yeah, I’m warming up to the new boat. When I was at the weir with your bro last weekend it treated me really well… I was definitely able to catch some stuff and ferry across the hole to a pretty sweet wave in the middle with all the extra speed…

Ottawa at 11.25 right now… Not much rain in the forecast between now and next weekend… Could be anything by the 10th, right? Maybe 14+, or maybe down to 7 or 8… I agree though, if it stays around 11 maybe we should think about Montreal instead….. Still… Was fun last time, and you’d get another chance at Kahuna! <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

(C’mon, can you really pass up another chance at Kahuna?)


I paddled at that level last monday, and it wasnt that bad. But hopefully it either drops or goes up. ( and 11 is too high for big kahuna ) well, i’ll keep my eye on the level, and decide closer to the end of the week.