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"ox17":2rml3utu wrote:
I’m a beginner and am looking to get a kayak. I am 5’6″ and 185lb. I think I want a day touring 13-15 ft. want something versatile with room for a couple days gear. I don’t want to spend over $800 since it will be my first kayak, but don’t want the cheapest either. I found a pelican pursuit 116 at costco for $629. Its probably not what I want , but maybe the closest I can afford. Any suggestions would help.
Thanks in advance[/quote:2rml3utu]

Hey ox 17,
Very excited to hear that you are interested in buying a kayak!
My first question to you is what do you see yourself doing with your kayak?
By the sounds of it you want to be able to go for an overnight (possibly longer) trip. With the little bit of information you have given me I would suggest a boat from the Necky Manitou series.

You could have a look at the Manitou sport: … sport.html
(note – I believe the prices are in US$)

We retail it at our BOATWERKS Haliburton store for$849.00 cdn.

Also have a look at the Manitou 13
Retails for $999.00 cdn.

I have personally paddled both of these fine boats & the differences between them are not to dramatic – but this is what I personally found between the two of them:
Both were very stable –
average hull speed in the sport –
very good hull speed in the 13 –
tracking in the sport was a little less than average for me –
tracking in the 13 was very good.

The capacity suprisingly is higher in the sport than the 13 – this is because Necky took the Manitou 13 & squished the demensions down from 12’10” boat to a 10’11” boat thus giving it a wider beam

Now I know this price range is a little above what you quoted, but I promise that these boats will out perform the typical Costco boat any day & they are well worth the investment.

I do suggest looking into a rental program in your area to try out a few different models – gets some hands on experience.

I hope this was clear as mud & that I answered all of your questions & if you have any more please feel free to contact me any time at

Corey Pietryszyn
Boatwerks, Haliburton Store