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Marlow here, Dude i was super stoked to here your review on our movie. Its awesome when your so called friends give your work a great review….. oh ya at least you said we were good paddlers.

I don’t understand where you were coming from, did you acutally think our movie was going to be a storyline? People expect to see the huge air, sweet tunes, great editing, and sick footage from our movies, If people don’t want that they can go buy your shitty movies with lame graphics, shit music, and ugly french women, oh ya and shitty boats.

Also, for you to say we had a huge budget…. how the fuck do you know man, that not for you to tell people that we had such a huge budget and our film sucks. i dunno how you came up with all this crap, but stop being such a dick to everyone you know.

Anthony Yapp, like you don’t know him he is so sick you can only dream that he would paddle your shit boats.

Get a life besides talking shit about your so called “Friends” because some day they won’t be there when you need them.

Marlow Long
Young Gun Productions