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"dave busch":3s5d4t8y wrote:
Is it possible that the new modifications could actually help the crawfish and other inhabitants? I guess a full environmental assessment was needed to accurately account for all life in the Gull River. I don’t see the few rocks that Strano and Co. moved to be a major factor to animals and vegetation that are known to be very resilient. They will adapt to their new surroundings as will the boaters that use the river. How many messages have been sent to Hydro to get the water turned back on to help the crawfish etc.? Maybe Hydro has a discussion board, and if so could someone please send the link to POBO so he can put his effort and excellent debating skills to good use and get us some more water. Just make sure that Hydro knows that POBO doesn’t represent the entire boating community. We wouldn’t want him to tarnish our pot smoking, rodeo punk image.[/quote:3s5d4t8y]

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