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The attitude on the Ottawa is way better than it was.

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Kevin M

Most of the time people are really decent.
I think a few years ago some rodeo wannabees were so desperate to land a sponsorship that would let them travel the world boating. They would snake the line trying to get more than there share of playtime in order to win one of many rodeos on the river. Most of the bad attitude came from that behaviour.
Most know now that it was a pipe dream(crack pipe maybe). For most people kayaking doesn’t pay too many bills. You gotta do it for fun. Once people realized that, things calmed down a lot. If you haven’t paddled it recently you might like the difference.

You are bound to get the occasional surfer dude with an attitude but they are few and far between. They never get very far on the water or in life anyway.

Nice job of keeping people honest POBO but this has got to be one of the best rodeos around. It is held on a wave that most mortal boaters won’t attempt. That is great. The big problem with rodeos before was that they would be held on a wave that 80% of boaters could enjoy. They were also ran on long weekends when most people had time off. It showed such arrogance on the part of the organizers. Assuming that we would rather watch some hotshots on our time off than boat ourselves. Man that use to burn me up. Hold it mid week, video tape it and if we’re interested we’ll buy the video.

This is the way rodeos should be. If you’re good enough for Bussy, you should enter. Good luck to the organizers.