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I think I’ve written this somewhere but here goes again.

The shore line has been refurbished with rip-rap in consultation with the environmental assessment done there. Rip-rap is recommended as shore line material due to it’s structure being beneficial to fish. So that part is done. The boulders were to have been bigger but that’s what was brought.
The NCC reps concern was people accessing from all over the shore line area and increasing erosion so we suggested a step form structure of stone down to the water so everyone would go there with a means of safe access through or over the fence in only that area. They liked the idea and that was what was sent back to the “powers that be”

We have been in consultation with the NCC – and frankly they have been open to all our ideas. Since the Riprap was placed the rep phoned me to inform me this was done and that they still haven’t decided what to do with the fencing. He didn’t have to even phone me but he did – good show of keeping us in the loop I’d say.

He was mentionning that the step idea was not really a go – not sure if this was a money issue or not for the contract. That’s why I’ve been asking the paddling community if they were willing to donate something so we could say “hey we have some funds to help out to accomplish this” not only showing our commitment to the site but ensuring that the shore remains as intact as possible. No one will “pay” to use Champlain. No one has to contribute if they don’t want to.

The rep still has to get in touch with me this week. He has been informed that seeing the weather, people will paddle this weekend. I’m not sure if we should be respecting the orange fence but my guess is yes. It would be a goodwill gesture that would help.

Keep in mind that the “worse case” scenario is : full 4 ft chain linked fence from wall to bridge with only beach area access. I’m trying to change that.
I’ll keep in touch and thank you again for the offers. I’ll let you know soon.
If you don’t hear from me often next week I will be in Tennessee but will check the board. Wolf Illing will keep in touch with the rep if need be