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Hey – I know just what you mean. The solution is prescription flo-nase (not sure of the exact spelling). It’s a steroid nasal spray. You’re supposed to use it daily for allergies etc. But, for paddlers it works if you just take a blast up each nostril before you paddle. You can paddle without nose plugs and you don’t get that stuffed up feeling. YOu’ll have to visit your family doc for a script and explain how you want to use it. My doc was surprised at the use and effectiveness, but I still got the scrip and some refills. Now, I think that this is more for the stuffies. If you are actually getting and infection and not just stuffed up, I don’t think this is the cure. YOu should probably talk to your doc about a chronic infection. YOu should also be aware that a standard OTC spray may be addictive, I don’t believe that flo-nase is. Again, talk to your doc.