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Tyler Durden
"Bobbie":9xtuy0tl wrote:
Although… I wouldn’t say my thoughts are based entirely on subjective experience. I was certified as a personal trainer (CanFitPro), but I haven’t worked as a P-T in 4 years. If you’re 80% textbook and 20% personal experience, I’m probably 20% textbook and 80% personal experience.


Hey, you are a Commodities Trader right? You stare at numbers on probably 3 computer screens most of the day? I bet you even have your CFA and/or MBA so you should know better than myself, statistics can be misleading. Especially when you look below the surface. So lets talk hours then, shall we?

Registered Massage Therapy Program = 2200 hours of study in the areas of anatomy, physiology, massage theory & techniques, neurology, pathology, remedial exercise, orthopedic assessment, & kinesiology. Not to mention the 250+ hours of clinical rotation & outreach programs treating the public.

Can-Fit Pro = 25 hour course. This designation is a [b:9xtuy0tl]complete joke[/b:9xtuy0tl]. ANYONE can take this course in a weekend and call himself or herself a “personal trainer” which is really scary. Personal Training is not even a regulated profession either. In fact, you don’t even have to take this pathetic course to call yourself a personal trainer. The designation might be worth something if it required people to have some kind of background like a Kin degree, phys-ed degree, etc. My massage school arranges an “optional” sit in on this course (because of our education) so we can write the exam and add it as a “capstone” course to our designation (more marketing reasons than technical merit). I did it 2 weeks ago and I could not believe the (oh, here is that word again) “oversimplification” of the material. I studied 2 hours for it, only because I had to “dumb down” my anatomical knowledge of muscle attachment sites and not fail that part of the exam.

The only way I can probably get you to relate to this is to speak your language regarding the merit of this course. It’s kind of like someone wanting to work on the institutional side of the “business” with their only credential being the CSC. It teaches you nothing about MAs, Fibonacci analysis (i.e. statistical analysis) and only grade school fundamental analysis. I know this because I use to be an Equities Trader. People laughed at me in the beginning because I put my CSC designation on my resume when I first started pounding doors to get an entry level job in your industry.