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Whoah dude!


Whoah guy,

Hey, I’m not questioning the extent of your education and knowledge of health, anatomy, and stuff… I said 80-20 vs. 20-80, but whatever… 80-20 vs. 0.003 and 99.996, if it makes you happy :lol:

As for my job training… I have a B.A. in philosophy, and NFA series 3 for registration as an AP (qualifies me to trade)… That’s it… By an MBA’s standards, my education is looked down upon as a complete joke! But I own 10% of the business I work for, and I’m a senior executive. I have no formal training in programming, but I’ve taught myself VBA, Perl, and industry specific software… I’ve also taught myself everything I know about statistics, and one of my retainers is a professor of statistics and actuarial sciences at Waterloo…

So… In terms of accepted standards, I’m not qualified to know anything :lol:

Doesn’t change the fact that I run the show around here :wink:

(I’d better get back to staring at those monitors, it’s gonna be another long night dealing with an FCM in the UK… 5 hours ahead… :cry: )