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15 Questions………….Anyone know the answers

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    1.Is Rodeo really dead?
    2.Is there any kayak moves left to discover or should I just give up now?
    3.Did Wal-mart front the money for Jackson Kayaks, and if not why is the roll back ball their logo?
    4.Is river surfing going to take off?
    5.Are class 5 rapids in Canada harder then class 5 rapids in the states?
    6.What would happen if I popped a raft with my river knife? Would it blow up? Would I get in trouble?
    7.What is the best way to deal with someone always jumping to the front of the line in an eddy? Would it be bad to use My River knife on him?
    8.How much alcohol is too much to paddle on?
    9.How much weed?
    10.Is there ever going to be a female paddler that is better then the best Male paddler?
    11.Are long boats ever going to return?
    12.Will my Dancer ever become a classic and if I sell it will I ever get back what I paid for it, or more?
    13.Why are River Festivals in the states always better then Canadian River Festivals?
    14.When are people going to realize the Gull River is not the best river on the earth, and stop driving 4 hours to get there for a days paddling?
    15.Do you have to be good on your knees to be a good canoeist?


    that it is -30, too cold to paddle, not enough snow for good skiing or boarding, and you are bored.
    Let’s hope we get snow to go along with the temperatures so we have a snowmelt this spring.

    But isn’t the Dancer already a classic.
    It went from being a slow, uncomfortable, play machine, to a class 4-5 race boat if you can’t find a tornado.
    don’t expect much value appreciation though.

    Done Swimmin

    I have a few questions myself;

    Who is the "Man" and when axactly did we sell out to him?
    How much weed is too much weed (That’s how much I want)?
    If Reality TV is our entertainment, is Mexico wrong to offer Murder Mystery Holidays?
    Is Jessica Rabbit still hot?
    Why does our government hate us?
    Which way should toilet paper be loaded on the roll?
    Where is James Brown’s body?
    Why does Saskatchewan have an Avalanche/Mountain Rescue Response Team?



    boy , with those questions , sounds like the winter blues have taken their toll , you better find a hobby because with the cold canadian winter, theres no more paddling for 2 months.

    peterborough crew

    1. Yes
    2. Give up
    3. Possibly, and if not they will own it soon enough
    4. Lets hope not.
    5. Everything is harder up here, thats what makes us Canadian
    6. Your arm would blow off (sucks on lonely nights)
    7. No use it.
    8. When you have to start drinking the water.
    9. When you try to eat the rocks.
    10. Better looking! (maybe)
    11. Already starting
    12. Only someone like you
    13. See answer 5.
    14. July 18th 2008
    15. Only if you are female


    1. yup
    2. just start running stuff backwards
    3. wally-world gots mad deals
    4. sure i wonder what it feels like to take a surfer out @ the knee’s with my head
    5. yup cause we’re not friggin’ mary’s
    6. you would get mad river karma for all those rafts that plow through mckoy’s smoking kayakers
    7. wave war that bitch hard
    8. that’s up to the user
    9. never enough

    i’m done with this list to much work


    #10 = tanya faux, look out


    Why is it that if someone yells "duck" they are helping you, but if they yell "chicken" they are insulting you?

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