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2007 Vacation Out West – Day 02

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    Day 02 – 22-Sep-2007

    I left Marieke’s at 07:30. I had to sneak out quietly as everyone was still sleeping. I filled the car up with gas and headed south to the Crowsnest Pass area.

    I stopped at the Frank Slide for about an hour and a half. It is quite amazing how all that rock came down the mountainside into the village. I took some pictures of the boulder field why taking the self guided walk tour. I left Marieke a message ob her voicemail to thank her for letting me stay at her and her sister Anke’s place. I guess they were still sleeping.

    I headed over to the Croswnest Pass and took some more pictures. I phoned Nancy to let her know I was still alive.

    I drove over to the BC border to take a couple of pictures before heading back east towards Pinchers Creek. It is a really neat place to see. The farm fields are as gold as can be. They also have this huge wind power generating farm there. I could not believe how big each of the wind turbine units were and hall tall they were. I made a half hour stop at the brand new Walmart to finish off my grocery list. It is amazing how this store is in the middle of BFN.

    After that I headed down to Waterton Lake National Park. It is real windy and cold here. I am glad I brought all my fleece and gortex. I bought my yearly park pass and went to find a tent site in town. The deer are everywhere in town. I had three of them come up to me when I was setting up my tent. I took a couple of pictures of them and this guy from Montreal comes as takes a picture of me and the deer with my camera and I returned the favour of him and the deer with his.

    I wanted to head over to Red Rock Canyon before the sunlight disappeared. I managed to take some pictures of this young black bear on the way to the canyon. I spent a couple of hours at the canyon area taking pictures. I was trying to take most of them on manual settings in order to get a feel for what my camera can actually do.

    It was getting late and it was now way past dinner time (body is still on Ontario time). I headed back to camp and made dinner on my new MSR Dragonfly stove. I had noodles, buns, cheese, and hot chocolate. It was kind of a bizarre combination but I was snacking while the noodles were cooking.

    I then offloaded the pics off the camera and started typing up this part of my trip report in the dark. Hopefully I will be able to get day 03 done in daylight. Well it is frigging cold and I am going to bed. I hope the wind is c=gone in the morning in order to take some nice reflection shots. I also want to head up to Cameron Lake to see the Continental Divide and take some nice pictures.

    Here are some selective pictures


    p.s. woke up to a shit load of snow this morning. Plan B … going to Portland, Oregon as my plan A is shot to hell due to road closure from snow.

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