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2007 Vacation Out West – Day 05

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    Day 05 – 25-Sep-2007

    I ended up getting up at 6am. I knew the girls wanted to hit the trail early. I fired up the jet engine stove and boiled water for drinks and then put the toaster on the stove for waffles. I even heated up the syrup containers in the water. I told the girls I would make them breakfast since they paid for the camping. Beth was out of the tent first as Lauretta is apparently not a morning person. The girls said it was the best breakfast that they had had so far on their trip. We packed up camp after breakfast was done. For me it was easy. Open the car and throw everything in.

    I told the girls I wanted to take a picture of them with their packs on for my blog report. Beth asked me for my email and blog address. We hope to keep in touch. I told them to give me a call if they ever come out Toronto way. I also told them the next time I go paddling in South Bend, Indiana I would take a couple of extra days and head over to Chicago to visit.

    I went back up to Paradise to take some more pictures of the mountain and other places I noticed from my trip up yesterday. I spent almost two hours but I think it was worth it with the shots I managed to get.

    I plotted out my route for my trip to the coast. I tried not to stop too many times as I wanted to be at Kalaloch State Park there for sunset on the beach. I did make a stop just before Pacific Beach. You were allowed to drive up and down the beach. I actually put my feet into the Pacific Ocean for a few minutes but realized afterwards I forgot to take my picture. I was also amused at tsunami warning signs as I have never seen them before.

    I made it up to Kalaloch in plenty of time. I managed to have a nap and make some grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. I managed to get some nice shots of the beach and trees as the sun was going down. I was quite happy with the pictures.

    The plan was to drive up to the state campground near Forks. I decided to forgo the drive in the early morning fog by driving all the way to Port Gamble which would only be about 10 minutes at the most from catching the Kingston to Edmonds ferry in the morning. I managed to pull into port gamble around midnight. I found a free wireless signal and uploaded my day four blog and pictures. After that I caught a few hours sleep in the car along with all the other people that were pulling with the same idea.

    Link to some pictures [url:37nmdipf][/url:37nmdipf]

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