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2007 Vacation Out West – Day 06

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    Day 06 – 28-Sep-2007

    I left at 4am to drive over to the ferry terminal. I was 5th car in line in my lane. I figured the cost of $14.45 was well worth the price of gas and driving for another few hours to reach my destination for the day of Seattle. I am going to play tourist for the day in the city before heading up to Vancouver.

    I think I found POBO or at least his bike. It was beside my car on the ferry. I took some pictures of it but could not wait for its owner to come back.

    I managed to get into downtown Seattle at 06:30am. I washed up and put on some clean clothes in order to not look like a country hick.

    I spent some time at the Pike Market. I watched the fish being unloaded and the stands being setup. I came across a really neat hot pepper produce stand.

    I also managed to take the Underground City tour. Thanks Peter for the suggestion. It was really informative and entertaining.

    I managed to head over to Chinatown for a Dim Sum lunch at the House of Hong. The food was excellent. I pigged out but it was worth it.

    Well it was getting close to 1:30pm. I figured I should leave and head up to Vancouver before the rush hour traffic started. I managed to get to my cousins place just before 6pm as I had to stop for a 20 minute nap on the way up as I have had less than four hours sleep since the morning of the 25th.

    Mike and I went out for dinner at Hons House of Noodles and then for a walk around the marina. Lots of money tied up down there.

    I have had a few questions from people on what I am using to take my pictures. It is a Pentax K10D SLR. It is the top of the line Pentax 10 mega pixel camera. It has a full aluminum body and is fairly water resistant. I rarely use a tripod. The only time I have used a tripod is the pictures with me in them. I normally shoot my camera in full manual mode. I am getting really good at hold the camera steady down to 1/6th of a second shutter speed, Sometimes even a 1/30th of a second for really low light situations.

    I have officially put 3,000 KM on the rental car since Friday.

    Link to pictures [url:25hj0vjt][/url:25hj0vjt]


    I noticed a couple scratches on the recumbent bicycle – I wonder what impact that has on the Seattle rat population? I mean, little paint scrapings are probably more toxic than any Extruded Poly Styrene or whatever our boats are made of! … I think I’m going to ask that question on!!

    You should start a "POBO Sightings" album. I have a few postings there. Maybe we can even talk Strano into making it a sticky post. Any photos of recumbent bicycles would qualify, or perhaps a paddler with a school crossing guard outfit, scolding a hotshot playboater that just boofed over a rock, leaving plastic shards on the rock..


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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