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    I always thought Pushbutton was called that because like a school horse it needed very little skilled input in order for one to have a ride.

    I suggest we rename the Lorne, we could call it High Contension.



    Greg Konigshaus

    My understanding is that ‘screaming beaver’ is named after the rafter who had her bikini bottom removed there.


    As above, screaming beaver is named after a rafter that lost her bikini bottom after a swim through the left side of horseshoe.

    As far as I know upper and lower no-name are named because other names like "rock and roll" and "rollercoaster", which WT had called them, were not agreed on or thought to be lame. So the consensus was to keep them not named (hence named upper and lower no-name) and it has stuck.

    "Butter":2uuk7z4z wrote:
    As far as I know upper and lower no-name are named because other names like "rock and roll" and "rollercoaster", which WT had called them, were not agreed on or thought to be lame. So the consensus was to keep them not named (hence named upper and lower no-name) and it has stuck.[/quote:2uuk7z4z]

    But why does Esprit refer to them as Upper and Lower Ostrom <img loading=:” title=”Question” />


    I think I read somewhere … yes I can read … that there used to be a bridge that went across te bottom of the Lorne many many moons ago.

    Apparently a bus went over the side of the bridge and into the river.


    us raft guides have long told stories of how the buseater (among many other rapids got their names)… i am almost 100% sure that any story relating to a bus falling into the ottawa river is an absolute joke, making fun of rafters gullibility (this is definetly a word, check the dictionary).

    Example…"To this day, I have heard stories of rafters being SUCKED down into the Greyhound Buseater….Upon their lucky return to surface, they would tell of how when they reached bottom, they saw their own reflection in the glass windows of the bus, still most likely full of innocent passengers, long gone…."

    As for other names, Phils Hole, I know was named by the first guy to drop into it. He is still a livin it up on the river, except in Costa Rica now. Screaming Beaver…maybe true, but either way its a cool story…Horseshoe, which many others refer to it as, makes more sense, just the shape of the entire rapid.


    In 1982 i was a rookie guide with limited whitewater experience and almost no training because, according to herman we were all champions with at least five years of whitewater experience (who was I to correct him).
    we were also running 17.5 ft avon spirits because the other companies were "butchers" in there 20 and 22 ft neoprene paddle rafts, and we were ‘champions". we were getting our asses handed to us at high water.
    On my second day, we missed the tongue and end ed up surfing and flipping.
    A woman was sceaming blue murder but a throw line landed on her so i helped people from under the raft. Once they were taken care of i went for the screaming lady who had not grabbed the rope that landed on her.
    When dirk grabbed her to pull her into his raft in the pool below Babyface the first intelligable thing she said was "[b:gxbrphdr]Stop, I lost my pants[/b:gxbrphdr]".
    Once we found her something to wear and got her back to shore she and her husband acused me of flipping on purpose, would not finish the trip, and wanted me arrested.
    Not a big confidence booster on my second day.
    The rest of the crew loved the flip though and wanted to flip in every rapid for the rest of the day.
    At the end of the trip will rowing flatwater one of the guys looked up at me and said "I have a new name for McCoys Chute, what do you think of Screamin’ Beaver Falls".
    Great line.
    anyway i knew that I still had herman to deal with, but the Photographer backed me up by claiming that the customers stopped paddling and it all blew over.
    In 1989 I started to hear the name being used and it appears that the story never died.

    Phils hole is not named for the first paddler to surf it but for the paddler who found the whitewater section from Grants Settlement rd.
    Laurel Highlands from Ohiopyle Pa was sending guides up to run trips on the Petawawa and eventually commercial outfitting was banned. I’m not sure whether Joe was in on the first trips.
    A pembroke realtor offered to show them some real whitewater and flew some of them of the Rocher Fendu section. Then they had to find it from the ground and they drove up and down Grants settlement rd trying to figure out where the whitewater was.
    Phil Coleman was a skinny 16 year old kid with coke bottle glasses and looking like a demonic Ernie Douglas, somehow saw the little splash of water that shows from Phils every few seconds through those bubbles style glasses from the road.
    And that is how the hole got his name.
    The cool thing is that Phil could have told me any lie he wanted when I asked him about it 16 years ago.
    Phil was a partner in precision rafting on the Upper yough, a world class kayaker at one time, coined the term "squirt", and is now eating the town of turrialba, costa Rica.

    Norbert Sattler, 1972 olympic silver medalist and MKC’s first guest instructor was the first to surf Sattlers. There was a great quote from Norbert. "I like to paddle when the water is brown".

    Buseater is named for the size of the hole, like the one on the New.
    you could fit two grayhound busses in it end to end, but the sunken bus story is pretty good.

    Those are the only ones i know for sure.

    John Mason

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