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    Is that the cheese fondue section, or the chocolate fondue section you’re interested in?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist….. :lol:

    I think Owl has an online guage, but I’m not the person to ask… When I get a chance to go to the Ottawa, I just take whatever level the river gives me :wink: Hopefully somebody else can help you out…


    mmmm… fondue!


    ya, once owl starts running trips they update the level everyday (normally in the mid-aft) of that day. their first trip will be in 2 weekends, but then they aren’t running trips everyday, based on when clients come…

    anyhow, their site (i think) has the historic data from past years, so it can help plan when you wanna go maybe


    I have been looking for a reliable online gauge for years. Owl is probably your best bet. WT has a spiffy new website, but the most recent update is April 28, and the Ottawakayak site hasn’t been updated since November.

    Keep in mind that the level can change dramatically in a few hours, especially when the level is in the “mid-range” between 4-12. The reading for the Owl page will usually be from the morning trip.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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