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    Ok Paddlers, now is the time! Tell your friends, family and co-workers! If you are procrastinating in registering for the Capital Cup, like most paddlers do (and I know. I lived with my bro Tyler Curtis, and I paddle…..we have our own schedule for everthing that we call “paddler time”, am I right?). Well, GET ON IT!……please DO NOT PROCRASTINATE anymore! Visit to see the details about registering.

    We need to get a good start on our list of competitors now, to feel confident in running the comp. We have quite a list already, but it would be nice to have more register now instead of the night before. Remember, spaces are limited, but we also need a certain number going into it!

    Lets show pride for our playspot, in our Capital by giving a good show (especially for the media)! All it takes is for you to tell one person, who tells one person, who tells one person, and so on! SPREAD THE WORD FOLKS, and help me out with organizing this exciting event!

    On a more personal and honest note, This is my first year in organizing this cup, and I want to make it the most FANTASTIC event! I am working on some pretty exciting activities for the event, so come check it out. I will give you a tiny clue………it will quite the thing to watch, or participate in! (Watch for more clues).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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