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Any photos/video of the splash race?

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    Andy Phillips

    Greetings everyone,

    Ya I know should of been there????? But that thing called work and commitments prevented me seeing one of the most respected and applaueded events this year probally. The Splash race at Minden Sept. 9/10th 2006. I regret missing this race and the excitement of the kids about to give it their all to what likely felt like the “worlds” for some. A huge thanks to the volunteers,and organizers in respect to this event.

    Hopeing to catch a glimpse of this, historical event for some, I’d love to see any photos or even video.

    If like last year someone is taking the time to compile a video of the two day event on video, for purchase ……I’d buy a copy, for sure.


    To all thous under 4 1/2 ft tall, who gave it their all in this race, thank-you for being apart of this racing event. The whole idea of building this boat was to give you the up-coming paddle champions of the future a time to have fun, laugh it up, and smile from ear to ear, as I will too …….as soon as I get a chance to see photos of the race.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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