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Any suggestions for a Solo WW Tripping Canoe

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    I was thinking about a Mad River Guide.

    Denis mentioned a Genesis.

    I don’t want it for surfing etc. Just to run the river.

    I am tired of worrying about paddling my 30 year POS fiber glass Scott Tripper down the middle channel. I actually put a center ba in it last time and ran everything except McKoys, Garvins, and top part of Lower No Name. I would like to run it down the main but I am afraid of it not making it in one piece and I would not want to pollute the river with it.



    I have two WW solo tripping boats: An Evergreen Sunburst II and a Swift Raven. One of my paddling buddies has a Guide. The Guide is a popular boat, but it’s very, very wet. Both the Sunburst and Raven are drier rides. I use my Sunburst for shorter WW trips and the Raven for longer trips with more flat water. A Genisis would be great… if you can find one! Other options you may water to consider are the NovaCraft Supernova and the Esquif Vertige X outfitted solo.

    Open Gate

    Hi !

    I have a Genesis(+ 8 more boats) for solo tripping, which is rated #1 solo tripping boat in Thrill of the paddle and I completely agree. You can put 2- 60 litres barrels side ways in it no problem, which makes you good with gear for any lenght of time, it’s fast, good hull line even loaded, lots of rocker to keep it sporty and dry in rapids but still fast for the flats.
    If you can find one, this is THE ultimate tripping solo boat !

    But since they’re not produced any more, my buddy bought a Blast from Esquif and uses it for solo tripping or tandem boat for 1 day outing and it is trully a Blast to paddle !!! <img loading=” title=”Cool” /> I would seriously consider this one since the genesis is not available any more.

    How about the new Zephyr from Esquif, it has a lot of buoancy, great speed, I don’t know how it behaves loaded with gear but should be worth a try.

    Regardless, if you buy new, think Canadian, go Esquif !

    My 2 cents !


    I use an old bluehole sunburst II as one of the others mentioned. not as dry as a genesis I think, but a capable boat for this kind of thing. mine can be paddled tandem (day trips) or solo, quite a flexible boat.



    Although, it’s not Canadian, and I agree we should encourage Esquif as much as possible, have a look at Bell’s Prodigy line. They make two models, the Prodigy and the Prodigy X. The “X” is a little longer and wider, just wide enough to hold the 60 liters barrels for tripping.

    I haven’t yet tried the Prodigy X (12’4″), but I played with the Prodigy (11’7″) for an entire afternoon, and it was great. If the X handles anything like it’s little brother, it would be a lot of fun on river trips.

    I own a Rival, which is the slimmed down version of the Genesis. It’s also great boat (althought the Prodigy felt even faster), except the you can only fit the 30 liters barrels in it, which can be an inconvenient.



    Colin, I am in the same boat as you, so to speak :lol:

    I have to find a boat to keep up with two teenage sons in a tandem. I am not looking for a playboat, since we already have a fleet of those. I recently paddled a Bell Yellowstone. It is a solo (13-14′) Royalex boat. I was able to fit two 60L barrels into it. It it likely very wet, but if I bought one I would fit it with a spray deck. I liked the fact that it had low sides and ends. I took my Outrage X on river trips (kind of like a big Rival), but the blunt, bulbus bow acted like a sail. It was VERY hard to paddle in any decent head wind. I have not yet tried a Raven but it has been suggested to me several times.



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