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Babyface at 1.

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    Does anyone know what Babyface is like at 1.

    The Owl web site is reporting the level for the past 2 days as 1.13, and I can’t remember what Babyface is like at that level. Or if its there at all.

    Anyone been out in the last couple of days, or have a better memory than mine.

    zack splaine

    i was out to run the middle on monday and babyface was starting to form and that was at 2.5,, im not sure if i will get out tonight as i live about 2 mins from the putin but if not i will be out tomorrow after school for sure and i can let you no then


    I think its there, but not really at its best.
    Corner Wave is though.


    Great. Thanks for the info.

    Current plan is to do the Gatineau today (Friday), but I’m sorely tempted to call it off and go to Babyface. Too bad it isn’t 0 – then it would be a no brainer.


    wow. that level of 1.13 is quite accurate. i wonder how those owl video boaters do it

    <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

    Scotty The MAN

    I’m just back from the river this morning. Yesterday, (Thursday) the level was one. Babyface was there, but it was a standing wave with no break at all, and not all that big. All the boaters who were out were surfing corner wave and screaming beaver (horseshoe). When they washed out of the Beaver, some would hop onto babyface, but it wasn’t really playing as well as the other two holes.

    Good fun.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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