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Beaver Creek Directions (put in/take out)

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    Looking to run the Beaver Creek tomorrow morning however we have a long drive from Burlington and probably won’t make it in time to meet up with people at the coffee shop. (missed out in prior years)

    Would someone mind providing directions to the put in take out?




    “In the same boat” he-he :roll:

    Yuro and I are headed out from Toronto at about 9:45am. We’re probably hitting the Beaver (or Black maybe, depending if we hook up with dude Boydo) first, then over to Crowe Bridge afterwards…

    We probably won’t get there until noonish, and we’re in one car, so no way to shuttle…..

    [b:3vusra13]Here are the directions I used to get there last year (but I’m not sure if they worked, ‘cuz I ended up following some other paddlers):[/b:3vusra13]

    Put in: From Marmora, travel N on Centre Line Rd, through 4-way intersection to the first dirt road on the left. Follow the dirt road to the power line cut Park and put-in there. Take out: Same directions as for put-in, turn left at first 4-way intersection and take-out at bridge, about 1.5 Km from intersection.


    PS. The other directions posted in that thar other post below this one (for now) by some other dude read pretty good to me :wink:


    I guess I wasn’t too awake last eve looking for directions!

    Thanks for posting them. Couldn’t get the group organized for paddling early this morn (including myself) so maybe tomorrow. I’ll let you know if we go – shuttle perhaps if you are interested?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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