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    I would like to thank the paddling community present at Beaver Creek Triple drop Sunday April 22. Everyone was very helpful and supportive in dealing with the Head injury sustained by a paddler in my group. Special thanks go to Gayle for providing extra needed supplies from her 1st aid kit and Dr. J ( sorry about the names) for sparing me from fumbling around with my 1st aid knowledge. He’s safe and sound and was heard in Emerg. asking the doctors when he can paddle again. :smile:

    thanks and keep on paddlin’


    my pleasure,

    dr. j

    ps. hope the emerg docs were charitable in their assessment of the wilderness fix-up job. <img loading=” title=”Cool” />


    Glad to hear your buddy is already looking forward to paddling again. We came up on you folks during his patch job, and that was a scarey looking set of injuries he was sporting.


    It was a pleasure to watch Dr. Justine do her thing. She did my first aid kit justice. It was a good lesson on why we should carry first aid kits, even on a day outing.
    Hope I run into you again soon Dave.
    Gail (-:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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