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Best way to sell my boat?

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    Hey just want to put this out there and see what comes back. I do know about the classified ads here on boatwerks but was wondering if there were other avenues. I have a kayak and need to sell it because it is too small for me and if I am going to survive another summer of paddling and be able to walk afterwards I am looking at getting a new boat. But in order for that to happen I need to shift my old boat. Any ideas would be great. Thanks guys.

    Capn Crunch

    [url:ckr8fg4w][/url:ckr8fg4w] has an extensive classified list for all of Canada and the US. It’s not bad, although, the ads can be stale.

    Online Gearswap from MEC [url:ckr8fg4w][/url:ckr8fg4w]

    is a good option too — although frequented by the "Overpay" scammers.

    Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of the Boatwerks classifieds, however. It’s really quite excellent.



    You can try under their gear swap.


    mec is good , I don’t mind the overpay scammers , I usually lead them on , and make them road trip to a western union a good 50 miles from their location , the last guy , was not happy at all, his reply was not friendly at all. oh well, try boatertalk (gearswap) is good also. also
    and ,
    (you’ll get tons of scam attempts on craigslist)


    Most local outdoors stores will have some sort of billboard where you can post up your boat as well. It sometimes works but its good to get it seen in more places if you really want to get it off your hands.


    what are "overpay scammers"?



    you must be one of the lucky ones who have never gotten a I’ll buy your "item for sale "e mail , it is basicly like this , …… my secertary will send you a check , the check will be worth twice the amount , send me back the difference , the check they send looks legit , once it clears ,….well it doesn’t ,they got your good check and you got nothing. I’t might sound impossible to fall for , but if they hit thousands of people theres always one that will fall for it ,

    here is a websight deticated to scamming the scammers , (playing dumb ,.leading them on , wasting their time , even getting $$ out of them , or making them make far trips to western unions etc with no funds waiting for them…..


    definatly try posting on the MEC gearswap. i posted my boat there and within one day i had two responses. much better than the boater classifieds. :roll:


    Sweet…thanks for the help guys. I am going to wait until Palmer Fest is done and then put the boat up and try my luck at shifting it. Would ate to sell it before then and be stuck without a boat for the festival.




    Upstate New York: –> Message Board –> Gear Swap

    FLOW = Finger Lakes / Ontario Watershed

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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