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    Grrrr :evil:

    I have been waiting to surf Earls all spring. "Finally" I think, "a good afternoon to avoid work and go get in some soul-time." So, what do I see when I get to the river? The GD rescue guy, teaching "river rescue skills" to fireman , with ropes stretched right across Earls and both eddies. I honestly don’t know why this guy has to set up at Earls, or on the Gull at all. Today, of all days :evil:


    It seems the firemen in their infinite wisdom decided to set up zip-lines above the actual feature. The customer watched two firefighters drop into the river and almost miss getting roped in by the guy on the throwbag above the falls.

    I have no problems with sharing the river, but this just seems like a stupid place to set up for a ropes course…

    Feeling your Pain, Jeff


    :lol: The instructors were having a great time actually saving each student that was dropped. Talk about a stressful situation. I’m not sure I really feel alot safer watching that display. However Earls looked sweet!



    In light of the fact that this zipline rescue scenario is pie in the sky, that obstructing a navigable river with a hazard is illegal and the fact that it is just plain impolite to assume you can take control of an entire section of public river, perhaps we should consider persuing this with authorities.

    Frankly if a paddler came and did this sort of thing we’d have their ass for it so why do we just complain when it’s so called rescue experts who are so blatantly ignoring logic, law and common sense.

    I’m all for seeking an end to this. I beleive there is legal grounds to demand that cross river rope set ups be stopped.

    chris mack

    I have been there before and seen the same bad behaviour.[/url][/quote]

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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