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    Carly Mcdonald

    Water Sports Therapist (billy)

    Each year I offer a couple weeks of instruction. My interest is in helping people with paddling problems, from people that can’t river run to people who are having problems with their pistol-flips.

    this year I would like to offer clinics on the Gull/Ottawa and Lachine Rapids, I will drive to you if you need me to. I am leaving dates open and flexable for the months of Sept/Oct. If you are interested in clinics contact me personally at

    I will accept 2-3 and 5 day clinics. I will do one day privates but feel I can give more with at least 2 days.

    Take home bonus:

    I do video review with people on shore, and will send you home with key points of the instruction for you to review and remind yourself later at home. Somthings get forgotten, but not if you watch it a million times.

    Take Care and Happy Paddling,

    Billy Harris

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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