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    Jeremy Poulin

    Hey all
    Looking for a new boat.
    Play boat, with river running abilitys.
    I weigh about 180lbs right now, and stand 5’11 with size11 feet.
    Any comments will be appreciated
    thanks much


    check out the 07 funs.

    Jenny Right-Side

    Jeremy, I have an 07 Jackson Fun you can demo anytime you’re up here.
    We run Pemby pool sessions on Tuesdays and Deep River sessions on Wednesdays.


    At your size take the time to demo the Astro 58, great river runner and awsome playboat.I am a devout Riot fan and have followed their designs over the years , I have been paddling the Astro 54 since the fall of 2005 at my size a little smaller than you not by much and have lots of fun on the Ottawa playing and river running , a little slow to get on certain waves but once on hold tight, with the extra lenght of the 58 I assume it should be a little faster.


    Boats that are good that I’ve tried (the smaller versions) and fall into that category..
    -Astro 58
    -Dagger Rx 6.9
    -LL Cross River 125
    -Jackson Fun

    I’m sure if you picked any of these you would be quite happy with it, they’re all great boats imho.

    I currently own a Dagger Rx 6.7 (since i’m tall/wiry) and it has good speeds on a wave, makes things easy to catch, nice slicy ends but are large enough to run bigger features and keep you up.


    I’ll overlook your comments about my face, because in that department, I know you have all the bragging rights (ha, ha..)

    I’ve read that Phitty wasn’t impressed with his Astro 58, he likes speed over bouncing (previous thread somewhere below) , so he might be selling his… Also there’s a Project 60-2? for sale in the classified, though it may be a little big for you.

    Take care of your knee,

    Paul <img loading=” title=”Cool” />


    I didnt buy an Astro 58, just demo.

    Jeremy Poulin

    I wont be up there til the spring i think…probably about 2 months or so for my VR to go through. 2 more months that is…thats my guesstimate anyways. But i would love to demo when i get up there
    thanks much

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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