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    Hi Everyone,

    Just thought you might want to know about Caledonia’s tour to Ontario over the next two weeks (assuming we can drive through the snow).

    17 Jan 2007 20:00 Clark’s Hall Pub Kingston, Ontario
    19 Jan 2007 20:00 Bovine Sex Club Toronto, Ontario
    20 Jan 2007 20:00 Jimmy Jazz Guelph, Ontario
    23 Jan 2007 21:00 The Spill Peterborough, Nunavut
    24 Jan 2007 20:00 Casbah Hamilton, Ontario
    25 Jan 2007 22:30 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto
    26 Jan 2007 15:00 Grooves Records London
    26 Jan 2007 20:00 Alex P. Keaton London, Ontario
    27 Jan 2007 20:00 Cafe Deckuf Ottawa, Ontario
    1 Feb 2007 20:00 Paramount Moncton, New Brunswick

    We hope to see you out there.


    Steve Reble


    These guys really rock! See you in Ottawa boys, me and about 10 friends look forward to it!


    tyler Fox

    Hey Steve,

    Wish I could catch one of your shows, unforfunateley for me I am stuck kayaking on the Futaleufu river in Chile.

    I am back around the start of March if you are planning a spring tour!!!!

    If you read this send me a quick email
    so that I can have your email and I can keep in touch.


    Tyler Fox


    Saw Caledonia tonight at the Bovine…..

    Ok, I know I’m trying to set up the Kipawa benefit gig, so I’m not entirely unbiased when it comes to talking about the bands that are playing, but…..

    I’m not kidding… Honest as I can be…

    [b:4trtn2h7]THESE GUYS ARE FRIKKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!![/b:4trtn2h7]

    Yes, awesome.

    A really solid crowd showed up too…..

    Vacuity and TCM will both fit really well with Caledonia. Awesome openers for an awesome headliner.

    It’s gonna be great.

    I saw Ian Merringer at the show….. He said we’ll get an article in Rapid after the show….. He’s gonna show up to take photos, and whatnot…… I’m gonna hold him to that :wink:

    If you’re in Ontario (or not too far out in Quebec or New York) mark this down on your calendar! March 31st… Caledonia, Vacuity, and This Crooked Mile. I’m gonna get a venue if I hafta, well… I dunno, but I’ll do it…..



    Thanks Bobbie,

    It was awesome to see some paddling folks out. Looking forward to the Ottawa show this Saturday, and then we start planning for the Kip benefit. We’ll make it work I’m sure.


    I’ll be at the show in the Hammer on Wed Steve, I will see who I can bring out as well. Need a stand in horn player? :lol:



    Boyd that’s awesome, definately bring your horn, I don’t think it’ll be a big show, but it would be great to bring you up. Let me run it by the guys but I think it would be cool to have you on for our last tune where we tend to jam out.



    hey i worked at paddler co-op last summer and picked up one of your cds and it rocked! thanks for the good music <img loading=” title=”Smile” />
    i dont think i can make it to your show this weekend but def post again if you’re having a show in the spring!!


    and tyler man i cant believe your in chile, have a sick trip!! see you in the spring for some awesome boating <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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