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    Got a new D70 any suggestions on a dope case?


    Whatever case you buy, dont throw it off a waterfall and expect it to float.
    If they land flat they can pop open.

    River: 2 cameras: 0
    1 Otter Box and 1 Peli.


    The otter Box and Pelican are made by the same manufacturer no ?


    Otterboxes are a price point drybox and I would not trust my camera to one.
    Gaia soft bags are excellant as well. Heavy duty welded bags with nylon Drysuit zippers.

    John Mason

    Mike K

    i have been using a pelli case for my cameras and when i worked as a video boater, never had a problem with them. they are awesome

    "PaulyO":369izuhp wrote:
    Got a new D70 any suggestions on a dope case?[/quote:369izuhp]

    For a D70 you need a Pelican case. Otter is ok for small boxes but not the size you need. I have twice hauled my Canon Rebel XT through the heat, grit, dust, muddy water of the Grand Canyon. It was bounced, dropped and generally banged around without any problems.

    But a D70 + Pelican case isn’t light. Your next investment should be a Pentax W20 to stuff in your PFD and generally keep handy for when the good camera is safely stowed away! The pictures are quite stunning for a small camera– but wipe the drops off the lense before taking a picture.


    Otter Model 8000 for small cameras. <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> High vis flourescent yellow for colour blind people. Extra room for foam padding and cut out for spare batteries. Dropped it, floated it without incident. Cheaper than Pelican too.



    Depends where you want to bring it.

    On the Ottawa, and other deep water play rivers, I use a Watershed Ocoee drybag (very water-tight) and put it between my legs. Easy to access, and I can fit a D70, a couple lenses, flash unit and lunch. It’s good for traveling too because it’s light weight and foldable/packable. They also sell a fleece liner to pad your camera a bit; but it won’t do anything if it starts getting beat down on some rocks.

    Creeking, I use multiple Peli-cases; body and 1 lens (or flash unit) in one, extra lenses in the other, stuffed in the stern.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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