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    hey i was wondering where the closest camping spot near the gull is ????


    the minden whitewater preserver… right on the gull! go over the bridge and turn right


    how much is it per night ….ive paddled the gull./….jus never stayed over


    WO Members: $7.00
    Non-Members: $12.00


    Actually the pricing goes more like this;

    Whitewater Ontario Members: $7.00 per night.

    Non Members as guests of a Member: $12.00 per night

    These are per person, per night, not per site.

    Membership is $30.00.

    If you compare the cost to Provincial Park campsites membership plus a couple nights camping is about the same value.

    You can use your WO membership to get 10 percent off paddling gear purchases at many shops, all you have to do is ask. Membership also gets you a reduced rate subscription to Rapid Mag.

    If you take advantage of these two possibilties and like most paddlers spend a few hundred bucks a year on gear your membership is returned in that savings. On top of that you help support the only organization that
    represents whitewater interests in Ontario and provides the campsite and garuanteed access to the Gull River.

    There has been and still is a tolerance for non members camping at the Preserve, that being said the place has been taken advantage of far to often over recent years and continued tolerance for abuse is wearing thin.

    Join, take a little ownership of one of the coolest paddler campsites anywhere and help keep access to the Gull a sure thing.

    It is the Whitewater Ontario members that own this campground, you and me and a few hundred other Ontario paddlers. Lets keep the place healthy and in our hands.


    where can i get one of theses membs?


    Check out for all the info you need.

    Or call the office at; 1 888 322 2849

    Or get a Whitewater Ontario event booklet at Boatwerks or the Tourist Info Office in Minden and fill out and mail the membership form found inside.

    You could try to find someone at the Preserve and sign up there although there isn’t always somebody present to help with that.


    thanks alot man ….ill 4sure get one

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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