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Champlain bridge tomorrow, Thursday, at 3:30pm

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    Hi all,
    In case anyone is interested, with all the rain we’ve received in thew last little while, the Ottawa level is still decent. I will be heading out to Champlain bridge tomorrow, Thursday, at 3:30pm. TarteAuxPommes should also be there, in case anyone would like to join us… If the levels are not so good, we might go check out Deschenes. Please, not for beginners with the water this cold…

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    zack splaine

    were abouts is Deschenes? ive been to the champlain bridge one this year for my 1st time but have never been to the Deschenes,,


    Search the forum for Deschenes. There’s about 16 posts providing directions – about 5 mins from champlain, upriver on the quebec side. Check out Butter’s blog, he’s also got directions there


    You should come to Deschenes. We were three girls there yesterday and had the wave to ourselves!!! It was awesome!!
    mel (princess powersplash)


    Hi Princess Power Splash,

    Really sorry I didn’t make Champlain tonight. Je suis vraiment désolé Annie-Pier, especially, since I think you might of actually showed up. I hope someone was there to paddle with you! I was caught by a parent who wanted to discuss her child’s progress and didn’t leave the school before 4:45pm, way to late to go to Champlain. Sometimes these thing happen… DOH!

    Will be at Champlain Saturday, and would be open to go to Deschènes, if someone would show me…

    Annie-Pier AKA Princess Powersplash, viens grimper avec nous demain soir à Coyotes…

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    I am starting holidays for a full week. I will be paddling pretty much everyday starting saturday, I am definitly going to paddle Champs or desch all depends on level and mood… If I go to Deschene, I will have to bring my rope from the wall and bring it there… Ill keep you in mind…

    Barry is supposed to paddle on sat too… and who wouldnt like a few ladies around to show us how it is done!!!!




    there’s already a rope at deschenes (thanks to whoever left it there)

    Paul, deschenes saturday? Princess Mel will show you all there is to know about deschenes <img loading=” title=”Wink” /> …. I,ll show you how to loop lol



    Let’s meet at Champlain and decide where to go from there. I’m also good with Deschenes.

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    The level is crashing so Champlain is gonzo. Deschenes will be good till 3.5 at which point its pretty much gone as well.

    If the levels drops the way it did last night, I’d say Deschenes will be goen by this afternoon.

    The Petawawa is at a fine, med-low level. Great for running and play (and right beside Tim Hortons for warmth).


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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