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    Alright, the tribe has offered lots of opinions about the best cold weather hand gear. I’m gonna go pogies but what kind? For you pogie people, what kind are you using? Locally, we have MEC pogies but they seem kind of short, Level 6 pogies but they’re thin, Gul pogies but they’re thin too and Mountain Surf pogies but they’re like 50$. Anyone want to weigh in on what the best brand of pogie is?


    I like these. They are inexpensive, and I prefer the shortest ones I can get. They are easier to get on and off.

    Ian Colbert

    I use a pair of MEC pogies that were given as a gift years ago and they still work fantastic, I would also recommend the shorter ones, as they are easier to get on. The first hand goes on easy, (having the second hand to pull it up)…..however I always end up having use my teeth to pull the second one up over my dry-top sleeve. Also it be alot easier to get your hand out of if you ever had to pull your spray deck.


    I use Whites, (the bear logo). They work really well, and their best feature would be the bit of flexable rubber at the point of contact with the paddle, so you don’t get cold water rushing down the shaft, into your hands. Poggy’s are also good hand protectors when your running shallow creeks.


    I personally use an oversiZed pair of Mits. (XL) I have small hands and I really like the feel i get


    i’d totally go for the mountain surf "oven mitts". completely worth the price , hence the nam, they keep your hands nice + toasty all day while running the river, and if your going out for along play session ther also great, personally i wont use them if im only out for an hour or 2..

    GO OVEN MITTS <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> :wink:

    "heardman":87sw6xty wrote:
    Poggy’s are also good hand protectors when your running shallow creeks.[/quote:87sw6xty]

    Couldn’t agree more! Pogies have saved my knuckles more than a few times!

    As other people have already mentioned, the short MEC ones are great for easy on/off paddling. The drawback is that they’re not warm enough when the temperature gets down to around zero. When that happens, I wear mitts (sometimes just the left) underneath the MEC pogies. I always keep the mitts in my boat, but I try not to wear them unless I have to…..


    anybody ever have any trouble getting your hand out of a poggie for a swim?


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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