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    Just wondering what the cold weather/cold water paddlers could suggest for hands. I tried gloves from MEC but didn’t feel like I had much paddle control and my forearms got pretty fatigued from trying to hold on tighter.What works for you?


    I like pogies. I can feel the paddle, my hands don’t slip, there’s no fatigue from spongy gripping, and they’re actually very warm.

    For sure mitts are the warmest, gloves suck (someone will disagree strongly with that), and pogies are juuuust right.

    When it’s super-cold (< 0C) I wear one mitt under my pogie on the twist hand… I just let my right hand get a little cold, ‘cuz I need to feel the paddle with my right hand or I just don’t feel safe… Maybe if my hand-roll was super bomber, but it isn’t….. Above zero my hands never get cold with pogies…


    (What the heck is the proper spelling of ‘pogies’ anyways? ‘Poggies’? ‘poagies’?, ???)


    Mitts like the Level 6 Mitts are the warmest and do give a surprisingly good feel of the paddle. Gloves are junk. Pogies are good for days when it’s not too cold are you are not getting that wet. I used to love pogies but after trying mitts I’ll use them most of the time ~ they’re just so warm

    Joe P

    a way to maintain control of your paddle with gloves is to go to your hardware store and in the plumbing section there should be a black tape that they use to seal pipes even when there is water coming out. I can’t remember what it’s called but if you ask at the store they should point you in the right direction. wrap it onto your paddle on your fixed grip hand(so if your are right handed and you twist your left hand then put it on the right grip)

    With this on you will find that you wont have the slippage and hand fatigue that you are currently having.


    Maybe I read your solution wrong, but I’m not sure I would like to have my hand or glove (I hate mits) glued to the padlle…Could be potentially dangerous.

    Just a though,

    Windowshade :shock:


    I used to use gloves but my fingers froze. Turned to pogies, and liked the control of the paddle and was suprised at how warm they were on moderate days. For cold days I now use dishwashing gloves inside the pogies and this helps substantially, but I’d be interested in trying a pair of gloves out.


    go bare hands, poggies, gloves and mits all suck.

    Joe P

    I guess I wasn’t to clear, you wrap your paddle where you would grip with your power hand . not wrap your hand to your paddle. although it might work too <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />


    Got it, thanks…

    Windowshade <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />


    go with the mitt and you may try a small shaft paddle, it will feel like a regular with barehand


    jimb’s set up is what I use…small shaft werner with Mike Yee Mitts …..they are the gripiest and by far the warmest although not the toughest….


    I have the level6 mitts as well. I didn’t think they would translate to much feel for the paddle but they work pretty decently.


    The tape that they’re talking about above is called Magic Wrap. They sell it at Canadian Tire for $8 ducks. Its a vulcanized rubber wrap that bonds to itself but otherwise isnt sticky.

    I made grips this summer out of it by cutting a thin strip of minicell, placing it on the leadsingedge of my paddleshaft then wrapping it all in Magic Wrap. Voila, custom hand grips.

    The first day or 2 with them the "polish" hadnt worn off the wrap but after a sessions or two it gives really good grip.

    In terms of warmth Ive used em all, and mitts are by far the warmest, but usually least durable.



    After paddling last March with bone hurten fingers I vowed never again and to get the best gloves out there. I purchased some gloves from the states. They have a light fleece lining even! Here is there link – . They were about $45ish US. but shipping them across was pricy so find a friend down there to ship.

    I have tried them in warmer water and so far I enjoy them much but the next test will be this winter. A good purchase so far!


    Jenny Right-Side

    I have been using my NRS Toaster Mitts for 2 seasons now and I love them. I wrap electric tape around the shaft of my paddle and the grip is awesome. I have never lost my paddle while wearing mitts.
    Silicone gloves under Pogies would probably be really warm also if you don’t like the mitt idea. Same with a silicone swim cap under your helmet to keep your head warm.

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