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    I don’t know what I want anymore. I need to get in some boats.




    Hey i have paddled a mamba 8.0 for 2 years now. Im about 170 and the suggest wieght range for that boat tops at 180 i think. Both the mamba and the deisle are creek boats / good beginner learning boats. i have only attempted spinning the mamba in either gentel holes or in big trashy ones not on purpose. For me when im in my creek boat my goals totally change from when im in a play boat, skip the surfing hit the drops. There is a cross over catagory and most of the manufatorers have made a boat that has both hull speed and playing ability. If i were you i would go shorter if you want to surf and spin.


    If you want to spin, the Diesel is the boat. It can spin on a green wave and is a pretty nicer surfer as well. The Mamba is a bit more responsive as a river runner, with better eddyline speed.


    I haven’t paddled either, but have you looked at the Pyranha Ammo, or Bliss-Stick SCUD? Short, stubby creekers with carving edges that offer some playability. I have seen the SCUD surfing and spinning down at Champlain, so it is doable. … ewtabid=48


    What kind of paddling are you going to do?



    If you are looking for a river runner that will perform in the holes as well the nlook at the Jackson Fun Series. (4 fun perhaps)
    If you are going "creeking" then get a creek boat.

    Just a thought


    I have lots of kayak experience but am pretty old school. I want an easy boat to paddle as for a variety of reasons I can’t afford to be upside down too much. Doctor says no contact sports, activities with a high probability of neck extensions or compressions , limited mountain biking, no bump sking, etc. Basically I will continue to do the things I have a good measure of control of, and try to limit or eliminate the things that are of signifigant higher risks. Running familiar / easy to moderately challenging rivers, surfing green waves, and spinning is likely the extent of what I will be able to, or accept the risks to do. I have paddled the Mamba and it is a great river runner but feels pretty old school in the surfing department. I have been looking at the Scud and Diesel but haven’t paddled either. Thom – have you paddled the Scud?


    Did I meet you at MEC with Anik?

    I tried the smaller Diesel and didn’t like it at all…

    The Scud looks like a beefed up RAD 185 with higher sidewalls and more volume, but still not very fast…

    From what you say, sounds to me like you need a LL CR250, or a Dagger Rx6.9.

    I bet both of them are faster than the Scud, and for more mellow boating I’ve heard nothing but great reviews. I think Thom even did a review on the LL CR in Rapid Mag, and he said it was pretty sweet.

    If you’re the dude I met at MEC… Kipawa Benefit on March31st… Make sure everyone at OVKC knows about it!


    I used to paddle the Juice 7.1 and saw the Rx last year. Looked like a great combo of all the things good about the Juice and the ID.


    I can’t say much about a deisel or a scud, but I paddle an Rx and have been since last summer, its fantastic. Fast enough to get on most waves, and river run like a champ, and playful enough that it can throw ends pretty easily and spin smoothly (well, I’m sure it’d be easy if i had the ability link a cartwheel together). The Cross River 250 is almost the same boat as the Rx 6.9… just a little higher weight class… so that might the better bet if you don’t need to throw it around a lot.


    Tartopommes has one. I think it’s for sale, though I have no idea how it handles. Try the boaterclassified, I think it’s there at this link … hp?id=1176



    Nope, I haven’t paddled the Scud (never found a Bliss Stick that I found comfortable)

    The RX or the CR would be good choices. The RX is one of the smoothest river runners that I have paddled in a long time: not a great spinner on green stuff, but great cross-eddy speed and smooth surfing. The CR is a better wave boat, super stable as a river runner, and comfy as anything out there.


    I’m about the same weight + a few pounds… and have been paddling a booster 60 for the past few summers and have been happy with it. I can’t do much more than front surf, but this for sure is my limitation and not the boats! I spend most of my time on the water just running rivers. Would recommend giving it a test run. Good luck!

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