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Did anyone see that chick get DESTROYED by a raft Saturday?

Home Page Forums Boater Board Did anyone see that chick get DESTROYED by a raft Saturday?

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    Jenny Right-Side

    At Garb?

    It hurt a lot!
    For those of you who missed it, I’m sorry but there will not be a return performance… at least not one on purpose! Apparently the raft sent my boat flying downstream about 10 feet. Brutal.

    I just wanted to thank everyone who came after me and gathered my gear, and to Melissa the doctor who did the standard “follow my finger around with your eyes” test.

    I woke up Sunday morning with what I can only imagine as severe whiplash and spent the whole day immobile and in a lot of pain. (Couldn’t even move my neck). I feel a lot better today and it only hurts to touch so hopefully I’ll be back on the river soon!



    Hey Jen,

    Hope you were not seriously injured, but by your brief description, it sounds like you got a concussion on top of that whiplash. Take care of yourself and I hope you’ll be on the mend real soon!

    Uh.. what hapenned?

    Paul <img loading=” title=”Sad” />

    Jenny Right-Side

    I flipped, and as I rolled up, I was pummelled by a raft coming downstream at mach speed :oops:


    sounds like that hurt <img loading=” title=”Confused” />

    "Jenny Right-Side":29fsab3o wrote:
    I flipped, and as I rolled up, I was pummelled by a raft coming downstream at mach speed :oops:[/quote:29fsab3o]

    I got hit by a raft earlier this season while surfing Corner Wave. Not as brutal, but did end up swimming <img loading=” title=”Sad” />

    peterborough crew

    Are you accident pron………aren’t you the same person they had to fly out of Gauley River Fest not even a year ago. Maybe you have chosen the wrong sport or a least putting yourself in bad situations.

    Open Gate

    Ha, summer traffic on the Ottawa…

    Been run over a few times also by the white water buses :shock: : Horse Shoe left side…Coliseum also. You’re not alone Jenny.

    Get well soon !


    I was watching this guy on garb dodging the oncoming group of rafters when this chick decided to join him on the wave ? the next raft thru did her in. Its easy to see one guy dodge a raft train but the 2 of you on garb trying to let a raft thru didnt make much sense . Is it wise to enter a wave like that with a person already on the featcher in the middle of a group of rafters ? Look like it hurt, hope your alright an a little bit wiser.



    whatever happened to the upstream person (or raft) has the right of way???

    So if you are surfing, it’s your responsibility to look upstream and avoid people or rafts coming down. The logic is that upstream paddler may be out of control or unable to avoid you. If you are peeling out of an addy or surfing a wave, the theory is that you have more control and can better avoid a collision.

    Yeah, it’s great if people are curteous and wait for surfers to finish or move out of the way…but the upstream right of way thing was the most basic river etiquette rule I was taught.



    Kudos for getting back on the horse!

    Best wishes for another speedy recovery.


    Hope Your feeling better…..must have been shocking rolling up into that.


    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Maybe I’ll see you at Gullapalooza or World Cup.

    Jenny Right-Side

    In response, I wasn’t trying to surf.

    I accidentally dropped in on the other guy and then lost control and flushed off. I definately wouldn’t be surfing the wave if there was a raft coming down (or if I knew there was a raft coming down). I wasn’t wanting to be surfing that wave at that point in time.
    I apologized to the guy whose ride I ruined, I admit since I’ve only been paddling for a year, sometimes things happen to me that are probably due to my lowered level of skills. I’m actually lucky if I catch garb at all (I have a 1 in 6 success rate this far).

    The Gauley incident and this incident are just hiccups in my paddling career (so to speak) and I attribute them to probably two factors: my eagerness to increase my skills sometimes results in me on a river that is maybe a little over my head, or me not having the skills to deal with surprise situations, and the fact that I am on the river at least 3 days a week, would result in more chances of having an accident like that.

    I have been paddling for one year now, and have paddled 23 different rivers in North America. I have tried class IV.. it didn’t go well so I am back down to III-IV and working on my skills so I can move up again. I am looking forward to Gauleyfest this year so I can go back and conquer the Lower Gauley, and if it goes well I can tackle the Upper Gauley.

    I apologized to the guy on the wave anyway, and I never blamed anyone for the raft hitting me. It was an accident.
    I was just posting to thank those people who helped, whose names I didn’t catch.

    So once again, thanks for your help!

    And even though I was hit by a raft and I swam (embarrassing as it is) I am still excited to be paddling and can’t wait to get back on the river.



    i was lookign on sunday and a group of rafts looked for a high sign, they got a ‘no go’ and they continued to look for a sign, but about 4 or 5 surfers went out in that time. i think that is stretching it a bit, and if the rafts start coming down it’s not their fault.

    anyhow. anyone remember when a kayaker on garb bounced into the middle of an owl raft and the guide went up to him and gave him a high five? that was awesome


    I heard a river runner tourist rafter got almost a minute of downtime this weekend too. One of the guides was telling me it’s the longest he’s ever seen anyone spend at the bottom of the ottawa. She came up, coughed and said HAHA THAT WAS AWESOME..

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