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Driving West, any tips?

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    Driving from Burlington to Canmore early January, any tips regarding what route is best to take at that time of year?




    Hey Buddy, i have a pretty good way for you. From your location the fastest way is to go through the states. You only need to go through chicago as the interstate has good ring roads around all of the other city’s. You jump back into saskatchewan on US highway 52, and end up at northportal where in a couple hours you will find yourself on the transcanada just west of regina.

    The interstate you should use after madison is 94, and before that is kinda up to you, map quest has its suggested route and it worked pretty good for us. The places you needed to be more on the ball were the border crossings (i was stopped for an hour at north portal, seems kayaks translate into pot heads!) and chicago. We did chicago at 4 am and it worked well, but if you did it anytime near the rush hour you would be totally f-d.

    I think to toronto it took us about 38 hours including meal breaks. If you can find a buddy, you can drive straight which is definetly a huge plus, there is not to much to see on the praire’s.

    Have fun in my town, the skiing is awesome right now!

    Chris J.N.S.

    Going via the US would be the fastest route, but if you have an issue crossing the border your best bet would be to take hiway 17 thru Sudbury and then on to Kenora where you would connect onto the TransCanada hiway (#1). The prairies can be a freaking bore to drive across but stops in the Peg, saskatoon and Calgary can break the monotony.

    All of this coming from a truck driver so take it for what it is worth. Canada is a beautiful country to traverse if you can avoid the whiteouts and moose… Good luck.


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    Keith Mac

    I’ve done the drive a few times (in the summer) and goin through chicago and Minneapolis is aweful. go north from flint across the mackinac bridge and the nrthern part of michigan. get on highway 2 and ride it all the way to minot, ND then go into Sask. I’m planning to go the opposite direction in a few days to get back to London.

    dave busch

    If you’re going to cruise through Canada head to North Bay and then take the northern route through Hearst before coming to Thunder Bay. Its straight and less likely to get hammered by winter storms blowing off of Superior. I’ve taken Hwy 17 and Hwy 11 many times before and there isn’t much difference in time, just ease of travel.
    If you want to cruise the States you can cross the border at Sault Ste Marie and drive through northern Michigan and Wisconsin (smaller highways but still larger than the majority of the trans-Canada) before heading north when you hit one of the prairie states and its assortment of interstates..
    Hope this helps. Might be heading that way myself but I’ll be using Airmiles.

    Done Swimmin

    just jerkin’ yer chain :lol:

    I have travelled the Northern route, Hwy#11 to TBay, west
    the Near North route, Hwy #17 to Sault over to the states and west
    the Southern route, Hwy #401 to Windsor/Detroit, west

    more than once each, some both directions, and i have no favorite. I agree you should plan a route to avoid those wicked winter storms from the American midwest.

    Go North! Hoser! Koo roo koo koo – koo roo koo koo



    If you choose the Canadain route go with 11 instead of 17 as it gets closed alot less and is a safer highway as it is flater and less weather of the lake….although not senic.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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