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    MEC has a kokatat kayak one piece dry suit with the skirt cover, the integrated booties and I think a relief zipper, for 650 bucks. Is this a good deal? They say it’s a breathable dry suit, but I don’t know if it’s goretek (don’t know how to spell that, goretek that is, not the word that) or not, but I don’t think so.. Does anyone have an opinion about this dry suit or any another brand of dry suit, price versus quality? How much did you pay for your one piece dry suit and how is it holding up? Or does someone have a used medium full dry suit with the above mentioned options for sale? I could be interested if the price is right.

    Thanks for any feedback,

    Windowshade <img loading=” title=”Cool” />


    Where did you say that was.

    I think I should call them and tell them its a terrable deal and that they should give it to me right away to give back to the company or something maybee use it when its wet and cold and stay dry so that the water doesn’t come onto my bare skin gets cold when wet Ice frozen then tell them that they have been very very bad

    just kidding jabronie
    that sounds like a bargoon to me I think the material it could be is the "tropos" bidness.

    I have Tropo’s pants but they arn’t to breathable. They are pretty sweet pants though. Is it a multi layer or just single?

    Key word here Built in [i:1cy4ovzq][b:1cy4ovzq]BOOTIES[/b:1cy4ovzq][/i:1cy4ovzq]
    These are the essence of a dry suit
    You aint dry unless yo bootie is dry
    by bootie i mean ankles
    and by ankles i mean get booties on you’r dry suit

    Is it on sale?
    cause if it is ask em how much it was and if they got another!

    Ask for d-bone for me he works with the supervisor Tell him i like his dog and that I got the 5 bucks I owe him


    I’m not quite sure I got the jist of your reply…

    Windowshade :shock:


    Paul, that’s a pretty decent price IMHO – I’ve got a nylon drysuit, I’ve never done goretex – but everyone says compared to nylon, goretex is amazing… worth the money.

    As well – the booties are a big item – integrated booties are important… that makes a big difference I think…

    Happy New Year…


    Derek Mereweather


    I have that one, purchased this fall. As with all waterproof breathable garments (this one is Tropos Meridian), they are breathable up to a point. If you are out for a leisurely paddle, they breath just fine (this applies even to Goretex XCR), but then you wouldn’t need a drysuit for this type of paddling. As soon as you crank up the volume (ie paddle whitewater), they can’t pass through as much moisture as you produce. You will get a bit damp on the inside, but you will be very comfortable. The booties rock! I like the suit, I really like the price, and have been pleased with the performance so far. The layering underneath takes a bit of experimenting to get it just right. Massive step up from a wetsuit, if that is what you have been using.

    Good luck on your purchase!

    Derek Mereweather


    I concur that the Gore-Tex (proper spelling) is breathable to a point. If you start working it you’ll get damp, but stay comfy. My GFER doesn’t have the skirt tunnel (it’d be nice though), but has the relief zipper and socks (IMHO necessary).

    The Tropos suit should be fine, but make sure it has the latex neck. Kokatat makes Tropos suits with either the latex neck (meridian) or neoprene neck (nova). Price seems okay.

    You can always try the NRS exterme relief, close in price to the Tropos, but supposed to be more breathable like the Gore-Tex.


    Speaking from experience, the nylon drysuits leave you wet with sweat. Spend the extra $$ As for layering – there’s a great product from stohlquist that’s a one-peice wool-ish (prob nylon) suit that keeps your back warm. Any other combination tends to open up at the back when you bend forward.



    Yo Guy,

    I think we met briefly on the Ottawa this past summer… I might have been paddling with Christine E. that weekend…..

    Unless I’m mistaken, you’re only doing park n’ play in the winter?

    If that’s the case, then why would you buy a dry-suit instead of using the dry-top and dry-pants combination?

    The dry-suit isn’t warmer than the combo, it’s the layering underneath, plus your hoodie, mitts, and booties that make you warm… Especially if your dry-top is a quality breathable.

    The only time the dry-suit is better is if you swim. If you’re a stone’s throw from your car, and you’re not paddling alone, then I don’t think that really matters?

    For less than $650 you can buy the best dry top on the market (I would recommend the IR X-Jacket), plus a pair of Kokatat dry pants from MEC.

    Other reasons to go with the dry-top & dry-pants:

    Putting on a dry-top and dry-pants is a lot easier than putting on a dry-suit. It’ll save you time when you’re gearing up while standing out in the cold.

    If any part of your dry-suit wears out after warranty, then you’re out $650. If your dry-top or dry-pants wear out they can be replaced separately.

    The dry-top can be used on its own for fall and spring weather.


    If somebody is doing full day river trips in sub-zero, then for sure the dry-suit is safer, but there’s no way it’s significantly warmer than the combo done properly, other than when swimming.

    (If you put the dry pant gaskets on top of neoprene socks, then wear oversized booties over the socks, your feet will stay essentially dry, and really, really warm… Especially if you pre-heat the socks on the car dashboard before paddling <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” /> )


    Depending on how much you paddle i wouldn’t bother wasting your money on a drysuit. I would only reccomend one to an open boater actually. Best top on the market is one that bobbie bought last summer……. im sure he would be more then happy to fill you in on the det. Last year i used a Level Six MAck for the spring and by the time i could wear a shortie the elbows were leaking like crazy……….. I love supporting a local company. But if there is an issue i would rather use somethign else. Iv’e got a mtn. surf for this winter. they seem to have good reviews…….

    Good luck don’t waste your money tho……….



    Windowshade <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />


    I have the tropos one piece drysuit from MEC


    I swim, alot (open boater). Cold water paddling is fun now.

    regarding sweat. I have been wearing a polypro base layer and a mid weight fleese, top and bottom. I am TOASTY! Sometimes i go for a swim just to cool down, its kind of like stepping in a walkin in freezer on a hot summer day. When I take off the suit at the end of the day there is a layer of tiny water droplets on the OUTSIDE of my fleese. My skin is perfectly dry. If I dont change, my cloths are perfectly dry after about 10 min sitting in the car.

    I can live with this much sweat, especially for a 1/2 price drysuit. This suit comes with both the booties AND the Pee ZIP!!!! both crucial. Open playboating in January is now fun as opposed to masochistic bordering or suicidal.

    Best purchase ever. I would even consider (breifly) river boarding in January

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