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Easter Weekend Water Levels

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    Lots of stuff running, but access and ice conditions are largely unknown on many runs. I did a bit of scouting yesterday and found that the "ice line" was at about Bobcaygeon: south of that was mostly clear, north still plenty of ice on flats.

    [u:1sesn8ji][b:1sesn8ji]Grand system[/b:1sesn8ji][/u:1sesn8ji]: went big the last couple of days, but is starting to fall. Elora looks steady.

    [u:1sesn8ji][b:1sesn8ji]Hwy 7:[/b:1sesn8ji] [/u:1sesn8ji]:spiked yesterday and is starting to level off: today and tomorrow will probably be the best levels except for Crowe which usually peaks 1-2 days after Beaver Creek. Beaver creek still had ice on the flats last weekend, Black and Salmon were OK. Be aware of ice shelves everywhere, especially now that the level is up on Beaver creek and the ice is likely to be underwater.

    [u:1sesn8ji][b:1sesn8ji]Madawaska system[/b:1sesn8ji]
    [/u:1sesn8ji]: great levels on the Lower Mad, Upper Mad and Opeongo. Access and ice are almost certainly an issue on all three runs. Last year, the Upper Mad road was difficult right into May.

    [u:1sesn8ji][b:1sesn8ji]Haliburton/Algonquin region[/b:1sesn8ji][/u:1sesn8ji]: Gull is a bust, Oxtongue is pumping, Mississagua is low. Magnetewan has good water, but almost certainly ice on the flats. Expect ice on flats on any run Haliburton and north.

    [u:1sesn8ji][b:1sesn8ji]Upstate New York[/b:1sesn8ji][/u:1sesn8ji]: Lots of water, conditions are unknown. Inner City is still pumpin, Moose is at pucker levels, but no release below Agers. Some other creeks appear to be running – Grass, Independence – check it out at: AW NY Gauges[/url:1sesn8ji]

    Check it all out at Whats Running[/url:1sesn8ji]


    Raquette, Independence, Otter, Grass (Twin Falls and Lampson Falls sections) are all clear and free of ice – Grass is highish – if you are familiar, the grafitti heart in Degrasse was fully underwater on Friday. I bet everything is free west of Lake Placid – all the flatwater in lakes seems to be unfrozen, so runs with lakes – the Moose above Agers for example, are probably good to go too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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