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Erwin Ellen Wins the Bus Eater Rodeo.

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    Kevin M

    Yes falks, you heard it here first. Fresh off his win in the Grand River downriver race, Erwin Ellen the Renaissance man of kayaking switched disciplines and won the Bus Eater Rodeo.
    As always in these judged events, there is controversy. No prize was awarded to Erwin. While Erwin was surfing his face off in Bussy the organizers sneakily moved the rodeo to Kahuna wave.
    Yes you heard it right while Erwin was riding up a storm in what some people would consider a terminal hole, those pretenders to the throne were playing around at Kahuna.

    There must be some kind of international rule against moving an event just because the hole might kill some of the contestants. If Erwin was man enough to paddle it then why shouldn’t the others be forced to either paddle or concede defeat.

    Sharky, we want answers.


    If I had just shown up and had one surf whithout getting killed! oh man I sure blew that one! (Just kidding)

    Windowshade :lol:

    Kevin M

    In the Guelph club we have a saying. ” Don’t follow Erwin”

    After watching him make it through bus eater at that level I think the saying “Luck of the Irish” should be changed to “Luck of the Erwin”

    Lucky or not he still won the Bus Eater rodeo. His surf lasted longer than most of the surfs I saw the pros getting on Kahuna.


    Sounds like he got Erwin’d!!!!


    Kevin M

    That is the most galling thing.
    The river just gave him a free pass.
    I think just as he entered the maw of the rapid he yelled, “I’m not a bus so don’t stop me”

    The river gods just let him go.

    Ya know, if I hadn’t just seen him paddle with his first born I would swear he made a deal with the river gods.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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