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    Peter Coates

    Hello All

    Some of us have borrowed and paddled the Zephyr on the Highway 7 runs over the last couple of weekends.

    We really like the way it handles.

    I had it on the Beaver last Sunday and hit a few things pretty hard and it got a few scratches but nothing serious.

    Has anyone else paddled it and what do they think of it?

    What do people think of that new Twin-Tex material and the construction method?



    Peter, post your question on – actually i think this one’s already been answered – so search the forum for twintex. Everyone seems extremely happy with it, they just gripe about what type of glue to use… but they do have answers! <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

    How is the boat, what does it handle like? I’m excited to try it.




    I checked out the Cboat site and already knew about the pinholes and the glue problem. It was mentioned to me by the rep in Ottawa.

    The boat is very light and responsive. It has good hull speed, very stable with good secondary stability. It surfs well, ferrys well, eddies in and out nicely and it handles big waves with just splash coming in. It just shoots up over them.

    I am used to paddling a Rival so it does turn much more quickly and a couple of times it turned at inopportune moments so this is a characteristic I guess of shorter boats..

    We ran a couple of larger drops on the Beaver and Lower Black and it handled them very well.

    I managed to flip it a couple of times and roll it once. I don’t have a good roll but when it did come up it felt easy. I have to repeat the mantra ‘Look down’ when I set up.

    We are a bit concerned about the new material and how it will stand up?

    However after two weekends of use it just has a few scratches and some shallow gouges.



    Cool. Yeah, that’s a hot thread – just saw it. Glad to see esquif on top of things. represent!

    Thanks for the report. <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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