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    Anyone here have experience shipping a playboat via Greyhound across Canada (Ottawa to Alberta)? Did you wrap it well with bubble wrap/plastic? Use a kayak bag? Or just ship it as is? Any past experiences/stories would be appreciated. Please share any other methods you have used or know of to ship a playboat.



    shipped one from london to sudbury…wrapped it in bubble wrap. also had one shipped to me from nashville TN via UPS…..wasnt wrapped at all….didnt have any problems either way.


    i had notiing but good things to say about shipping play boats with bus companies. i had an all star shipped fomr moncton NB to kingston. it only took 22 hours. it started off with Acadian Bus Lines then got transfere din MTL to coach canada. another goof tihng is its wayy cheaper than UPS or a curriur. i had to ship a foot block today and t cost me 15 bucks for the puny thing!!

    go for it , it should work out just fine.

    cheers alex

    Done Swimmin

    I sent a playboat from Peterborough to Lake Louise for $58.00. It arrived in 4 days and was in fine shape. I wrapped it in the manufacturers original shipping material that I scored at a local outfitter for free.
    40 lbs. with wrapping

    Great service and no problems at all.


    Playboat from Ottawa to Canmore, 65$ wrapped in bubbles. Not one was popped! its all good. May take a while though, think it was about 5 days late


    nothing but good things to say about greyhound. vancouver to guelph in 4 days. unbelievable.
    just the boat itself, no wrap or bags or any of that stuff. worked perfectly.


    I also had a great playboat-shipping experience with Greyhound. As long as your boat is 7ft long or less you’ll be in fine shape. I shipped my boat from Ottawa to Calgary. I wrapped/duct-taped some cardboard around it, more because there was some fine-print which said that they were not liable for damage to unpackaged items, so I wanted it to be classed as ‘packaged’ so that if anything did happen to it I would have some form of recourse. I was also able to but about $400 worth of insurance on it for about $9.

    All told, it was just about $40-$50 for shipping, insurance and COD charge (b/c I was selling it). It only took about 5 days, so I couldn’t have asked for more promt service either.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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