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    Hey Everybody,

    For a few years I have been looking for the right solution for eye wear on water. My contact lenses usually got pushed up into my eyes when I hit big waves, or even rolled… This happened even when I wore sunglasses, the water would still get through! I then bought a pair of prescription sunglasses, but they were heavy and too dark when paddling in the rain…also, because of the strength of my prescription, nobody could put the lenses into any glasses with a curved frame, so my choice was really limited.

    I finally found an awesome solution! Adidas makes a pair of sports sunglasses with prescription lenses that clip on the inside of the frame. So the sunglasses themselves are really cool wrap-arounds, and also come with an exchangeable pair of lenses for the frame (I got orange) so when it rains or is dark out you can just change the lenses (and it takes only 2 seconds/is really easy) to adjust to the light. They’re plastic and really light weight and you can purchase a sports band with them for the water if you want. Arms are adjustable, etc… they’re made for sports, ideal for paddling! Still anticipate some fog on the lenses with cold water paddling in the Spring/Fall (even with the anti-fog lenses that they come with) but I think that this is something you will have to live with on the water if you wear any type of glasses.

    Anyways… a great discovery that I’m super happy about and wanted to share with anybody else who wears prescription lenses and has had the same trouble. I picked them up at Vision Cossette in Laval (450) 681-1911. They’re located right beside and in the same strip mall as The entire staff at Cossette was really friendly and helpful, though Stephane Bedard was the gentleman that helped me out with the solution and you can ask for him. So, if you ever come to the montreal area, it’s only 15 minutes from downtown (outside of rushhour)



    peterborough crew

    Or Laser Eye Surgry!!!!!


    I agree thet the Adidas glasses are great; however, I just couldn’t get them to work with my prescription (-6 or so, with an astigmatism correction of 2-horrible, in other words). Vision was definitely distorted. If your prescription is more normal, I think these are really nice glasses- the ones I tried (gazelles, I believe) even had an adjustable nosepiece, which is rare in sport glasses.


    Jenny Right-Side

    A friend of mine recently had some fog-less glasses made and he swears by them.
    Check out his review and ordering info:


    Hi Mike,

    Good point. I think I also have an astigmatism (don’t know the numbers), but was listening to the technician(s) at Cossette discuss how to make my glasses and they said they had to do something technically different than they normally would so that I could see properly out of them. Not sure what they did (my french is pretty bad), but I really like them. If you still have your frames, maybe they could fix/redo the clip for you? It might be worth a phone call to them to find out and you could reference my name because they just made them for me (and maybe can do the same thing for your clip-on?). My prescription is -4.5.

    But I think it’s definitely a good idea to make sure you can return them because they were a few hundred beans.




    I used to have a pair of those. They worked great good when the weather was nice. The perscription inserts fogged up really bad if it was slightly humid out or if the water was cold. It was quite hard to splash water on to de-fog them on the river, as they were behind the tinted lenses.’


    I like the idea of being able to swap lenses for when it gets dark. I have a pair of rec specs that I got last year ([url:2poj0srp][/url:2poj0srp]) but they become a pretty bad liability in the shade, overcast or waning light. They also fog up at the worst moments. I have had a lens pop out after taking a knock to the helmet too haha. Still with all of that said, my contacts get blown around with any big wave hit, roll etc so the security of the glasses makes them worth the hassle.

    I am going to try a bunch of different anti-fog sprays etc to see what I can do before I look into another pair.

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