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    level six

    Level Six is hosting a weekly column by none other than Dave Nieuwenhuis. He goes by many alias, however Farmer Dave is most appropriate in my eyes, you know why…because he is a farmer and his name is dave. He is frequently scene chillin with the likes of Billy Harris and crew, and he lives on the Ottawa River, practically.
    Farmer Dave is an insightful young scholar from Beachburg. He farms and he paddles. He paddles hard. He milks cows while you and I are sleeping, He is out paddling in the middle of the day while you and I are surfing the web at work looking for some entertaining content that can be viewed in public. He is probably surfing mini-bus at this very moment as I here it is going off.

    So feel free to read some interesting reports from Dave on what’s going down on the Ottawa and the Valley. this should interesting…

    We have already posted his video sposnsorship proposal…if you don’t beleive that he is a real farmer check it out.
    Otherwise enjoy…better than working…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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