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February boating trip- Any suggestions?

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    So Im thinking of doing a boating trip to somewhere a little warmer around February, but unfortunately Chile, and Africa etc. are a little outof my price range. Anyone have suggestions to some good boating spots, that will be kickin all winter? Anyone want to come with??let me know.

    Open Gate


    Tennessee, South and North Carolina area. Tons of good white water in that area at that time of year.

    Check AWA’s site for details.

    Enjoy !


    I was thinking of the esprit rafting week of rivers in mexico. I think it’s $1000 for the boating, food and accomodations. In my case, fly down on airmiles and probably spent $200 on misc stuff so $1200 for a week of fun!

    My only problem is that if I go, it may lead to a divorce with my non-boating hubby….I may have to go to the caribbean instead and lounge around on the beach with no boating in order to make it past year 1 of the marriage <img loading=” title=”Sad” /> Maybe they’ll have paddle boats…that could be fun…right??


    Esprit has booked a week of rivers for friends of the Kipawa River, Feb 17-24.

    $1,000 for an all-inclusive trip, including accommodations, meals and a boat.

    Esprit is donating $100 to the Les Amis legal fund for everyone who books on the trip.

    You can check our website for details:

    There is a promo pamphlet there plus Esprit’s brochures for the trip, and photos from the 2006 trip.

    AND, to help you save your relationship, and maybe even enhance it, non-boating companions can do the week of adventure trip, rafting, trekking, mountain biking, hotsprings etc.


    Jenny Right-Side

    The southeast is full of whitewater and inexpensive vacation, but I would check the levels and talk to people on before planning a trip.
    I was there in December and February last year and we were skunked in Tennesee both times, since the rivers are dependent mostly on rainfall.

    We were planning a trip last winter, and looked into Chile, CR, and Mexico. Chile was way too expensive, Mexico is fairly dry that time of year, and Costa Rica in Feb the rivers are running lower, but not as dry as Mexico that time of year. Costa Rica seemed like the better bet, but we ended up staying in Tennessee due to an incident involving an uninsured truck and a creekboat flying off the roof into the grill of some other dude’s truck. (wasn’t my fault!) Ooops!

    Good luck and have fun wherever you go!


    What part of the country do you live in? I might be in for a road trip. Maybe the west coast or vancouver island.


    We are probably going to tennesse, still depending on work schedules etc..

    anyway my gf and her dad went to mexico this past winter, doing the week of rivers, and absolutely loved it, they said it was absolutely amazing, and esprit really takes care of you. great food, and if you pay the extra like 120 bux you get pics stuff all from all of the rivers, which again are really good pics. and the waterfalls are supposedly great, some easy starters then start doin some drops like 25 feet ish.. you can horse around on the starters, aka. backwards and w/out paddle

    anyway just thot id let you know


    I went to CR 3 years ago in January till the first week in feb an there was plenty of water an some areas were way high. If you have the time like i had an just go with a good guide book" Chasing Jauguars complete guide book to costa rican whitewater" the whole trip with the flight , was about $1300 . Rooms for 2 were $10 with breakfast. lunch is a $1.5 an dinner aint much more. Plenty of other boaters in Turrialba to hook up shuttles with. Try Hotel Interamericano , alot of boaters stay there . Very nice climate all the time unless your driving up over the volcanos an then its a little cool.

    Or theres a week of rivers trip that costa rica rios does for something like $1500. an then you know your Itinerary an sure your going to be boating but i dont see any dates for feb.

    Im thinking of going again in jan or feb with my non-boating girlfriend for a week an taking my gear only an hopefully renting a boat for a few runs on the Toro river. The take out for the power house down section has a awesome resort with a couple of hot springs an a pool Im thinking of staying at with her left in a hot tub . The Toro from there down is a little easier I was told. I just dont think I can make a trip 100% non-boating but like Skippy I gotta do something to keep the peace.

    My buddies down there now an says the area hes in is a little dry . his flight was about 500 an I see now there about 600 . I have a good idea of were I wanna go an be an do with a non-boating person an still get a couple days in on the water an Im going to have a hard time spending 500 in a week . probably more like 350-400 an living rich.

    Southeast is not exzactly warm in feb an hit an miss on water levels .Out west might be alot of things good but I dont know myself. Ive seen some cool pictures ?


    Im in Calgary for the winter, so I was thinking anythign on the west coast, The Esprit trip in Mexico sounds liek a solid thign to do. Anybody done that before?? Do you think it would be better than just going to mexico on your own???

    Brad Sutton

    I hear Vancouver Island is really good in November, December and all through the winter for that matter, but requires a dry suit. But for someone already paddling in cold water all summer long, you may be wise to head South! <img loading=” title=”Cool” />
    B rad


    I used to work for esprit mexico. and ill definatly say that if you only have a week or so… to definatly do one of there trips you get to see way more mexico and rivers then you would on your own. and all the logistics are already taken care of. Jalcomulco is a beautiful kayakers paradise.
    id recomended esprit week or rivers!!!!

    "boot":anx3t6hu wrote:
    Im in Calgary for the winter, so I was thinking anythign on the west coast, The Esprit trip in Mexico sounds liek a solid thign to do. Anybody done that before?? Do you think it would be better than just going to mexico on your own???[/quote:anx3t6hu]
    …..check out vancouver island……its going off in the winter …mild weather …tons of rivers …surf …..and you dont have to leave the country or spend large cash.

    Hey!!! Thanks everyone for your support! We are all super psyched about our upcoming season in Mexico. We now have a new fleet of kayaks, open boats (8 solo boats and 2 tandem) plus our rafting and adventure programs for any type of paddler and or their non paddling partner.

    If you want to contact us directly in Mexico we are best reached at .

    Esprit is partners in 5 small micro enterprises in Jalcomulco. Everyone who joins us really contrubutes to the sustainability of local advnture tourism which in turn helps protect the Antigua River from hydro development.

    We hope you join us!

    Jim, Erin and Team Esprit

    PS We just got off a beautiful tropical river, wolfed down a great lunch, cracked some caronas….. it is 25 degrees C……. Ahhhh Mexico!


    Hey all,
    It’s been said already but I have to say it again…I did the week of rivers with Espirit last year in February and it was the BEST one week holiday I have EVER had. Also the best value for $1000 I have ever had. I went with two buddies and after the first day we said we would have to go back this year…so we have already signed up to go again in February and I am SO looking forward to it. We had fabulous paddling, it was so amazing to be taken to great rivers, have amazing riverside ‘lunches’ that were more like exotic all you can eat buffets, highly trained, professional and FUN staff, all sorts of fun stuff including a party in a local mexican family’s home (thank you Porfi), a local musician coming to entertain us at our hacienda, swimming pool and 10 pool side hammocks for relaxing after happy hour, did I say great food, some extras priced very reasonably including a registered massage therapist that came to us, including one day in the middle of a 3-day river trip where she showed up at the end of the day and was available for anyone who was interested, temexcal (authentic mexican sweat log experience), and the local people were wonderful…very very friendly, and warm. I hope I haven’t said too much but I was a wonderful paddling experience, a wonderful cultural experience, and Jim and Erin do NOT do this to make money…it is so much more about giving and it really shows. We were amazed and touched by the effort and love this Jim and Erin have for the country and the people of Jalculmoco, a small village of 300. If you can scrap up the money, beg borrow or steal, I guarantee you it will be one trip you don’t forget for a long time.


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