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    Hi folks:

    Just a quick update…

    The judicial review of the PWGSC decision to deny historic navigation rights of the Kipawa River at Laniel is proceeding.

    Here’s the process as it is unfolding:

    – March 06, we filed our application
    – May 06, we file our affidavits, one from me representing Les Amis, one from Jim Coffey who spoke as a white water expert about the navigability of the Kipawa at Laniel
    – August 06, federal departments filed their affidavits, two from PWGSC, one from Transport Canada, one from Fisheries and Oceans.
    – Sept/Oct 06, examinations of the affidavants is taking place

    We are examining two people from PWGSC and one from Transport Canada. On Friday we examined the PWGSC environmental officer. The justice lawyer examined Jim Coffey.

    The rest of the examinations will take place over the next couple of weeks.

    We have a strong case. No predicitons on the outcome of course because it is simply impossible to predict, but we have a strong case.

    Some time this winter, the case will go before a federal judge for a decision.

    As Pete mentioned in his post, WE ARE CONTINUING TO RAISE FUNDS to pay for our legal costs. More on that later.

    If you have questions, please post them and I will try to answer them, or pop me an email.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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