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    Murphy Throp

    Any links or websites designed for partners seeking eachother, preferably boaters. Having trouble finding one, any info would be helpful. Trip consists of paddling through the States for the winter months and back through Canada in the spring. Departing in the new year. Thanks, Murphy.

    Murphy Throp

    Enough people are checking out this post with no responses, don’t be shy, i’m quite harmless.

    Chris Ward

    first what kind of partmers are you looking for and what kind of rivers i have winters off so please let me know


    I currently boat solo for most of my trips (dangerous and really not that much fun) and am looking for someone to partner up with for next season.

    I’d say I’m an intermediate paddler and paddle from April to October.

    Currently I’m looking to hook up for a week of paddling in December 11-17th for a week anywhere in the U.S. would be fine. Not sure what paddling destinations are good?

    I have 50% off any flight in the U.S. through westjet and would be looking to use it for this trip.

    Haven’t had any takers on the offers yet.

    Regardless if your looking for a partner for next april let me know.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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