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    Visiting from Colorado, and wondering if anything was still running this time of year in Ontario, preferably within a few hours drive of Toronto (and/or easy to hitchike to). I’m a class IV boater, prefer running rivers to playboating but desparate to get back in the water so will take anything at this point. I would also need to rent gear.

    Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    The Great Gonzo

    Right now the levels are low, your only options within a few hours from toronto are the Gull, which is ~2-2.5 hours North in Minden, and tthe Ottawa, which is ~4.5 hours North-East in Beachburg.


    Capn Crunch

    Do you think you guys would put on a show when you come up to the Ottawa to paddle?!




    I’ve relocated to Toronto from Summit County, how long are you around for?
    I have a Dagger Ego, with small leak you could barrow or purchase on the cheap if you wanted to.

    I have a bunch of friends that guide the Ark and Colorado—The Adventure Company – Nathan, John Melrose, Hammer….

    Also a bud in the Golden area that paddle – Jarrod Hilton – he has a boxer named Truman and used to have a boxer that got hit by car, Lincoln was his name, – this guy paddles all over the state. anyway I doubt you know them , but it counldn’t hurt to ask.

    The Gull is fin place to paddle about 2.5 hrs north of Toronto, I’m heading up early Sunday am for a clinic with Billy Harris, there is shop there where you could demo a boat, or Billy might be able to lend you boat, he’s Jackson guy anmd has a bunch of demos. – Even if you are up form some Ontario Exploring you may want to look him up on this board – Billy Harris his avatar is a bit gay, a dude with a cowboy hat super imposed on a topless cowboy with the phrase, ride a cowboy save a horse.

    If you want you can give me shout – 416-709-7355


    How long rather depends on what I find to do here… I leave Canada on Oct 8th, but dunno how long I am in Toronto.

    Only folks I knew who worked on the Ark or the Colorado were John and Darren with Whitewater Encounters. I was working on the Platte and Clear Creek mostly, though.

    I’m from Golden (lived less than a minutes walk from the playpark) and know most of the guys that paddle there. I do know a Jarrod there, although I couldn’t tell you his last name or if he has dogs, could be the same guy though, never know. Did you ever paddle with a guy named Derk from Summit (Dillon), by any chance?

    Guess I need to get my arse up to the Gull then, as it seems to be where everyone is suggesting.


    I got your voice mail today, it recorded very poorly, I heard that you wanted a ride up to the Gull. I am leaving around 5:30-6:00am tomorrow.
    the Don Valley PKWY is clsoed so I’ll be heading up the 403 to teh 401 to either the 400 or 404.

    drop me an email with your contact number:

    Good to hgear you lived in Golden, I was there for a week this summer, paddled the park in mid June, highest I ever saw it, tons of fun.

    It was likely the same jarrod, long dark hair?

    Anyway send that email, worst case senario we can take a shitty day out on the elora gorge, pretty easy to access from toronto during the week, aout an hour drive from the west end – very low water though, and I think a few others may join in if ou decide to go there.

    I may be able to add another day at the Gull, if I get a new boat the Ego leaks and I keep breking backstraps….thats why i’m not using it tomorrow.



    Yeah, if he’s the guy I know he has dreads now, accutally.

    I’m staying in a hostel, so will trying calling you again, best you could do here is leave me a phone message.


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