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    David Nieuwenhuis

    Hey there patrons of the boaterboard,… just a quick note to let you know that you can grab your free copy of the new Wavesport DVD "Doubleyouess 2" by going to the website then clicking the little link on the bottom right, filling out a short survey then just wait on your mail to arrive. They have to hit a few thousand before the ship so its an estimated 8-10 weeks…. click and enjoy! laters,…David…

    ps. ottawa just a hair under 1 yesterday.


    Have the dvds started shipping yet? The link has been up for a couple months I think.

    Dave de Lugt

    Sweet…free stuff.

    David Nieuwenhuis

    Hey Grant… from what I understand they have the DVD’s ready to go… they’re just waiting to hit their majic number before they ship them all out…. (hit so many then get them out all at once so its not an everyday thing to mail a few vids)


    I’d just like to say I’ve seen and advance copy of the video, and there’s lots of great footage of Dave doing things like trying to ride cows, wearing fake mustaches, dancing, riding very small motorcycles, and trying backflips on buseater. I think there might have been a few shots of him doing cool stuff in a kayak too, but I’m not sure. It’s well worth the price of admission.


    zack splaine

    david, i cant wait to get this one to,, i have the 1st two and i love them,, go wavesport!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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