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Fun vs Skip for a beginner female paddler

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    Mandy J

    Just wondering if anyone had any good advice on the Jackson fun vs the LL skip? I am female (5’4, 140 lbs) and am new to white water. I paddled on the Ottawa recently in a tandem open boat which was alot of fun – swam at McCoys but other than that had a great time! I’m looking to buy a fun or skip second hand so I can practice out east before returning to Ontario next summer. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!




    Hi Mandy,

    I have not paddled the Fun, but have heard good things about it. I have paddled the skip and my opinion would be that it is not the best boat for a beginner. It has reasonably hard edges and I think is a bit hard to handle for a beginner.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Jenny Right-Side

    My first boat was a Riot Booster and I outgrew it quickly.
    Based on your size, I think the Fun would be WAY too big for you.
    Try a 2Fun, I’m about the same size as you and it is a GREAT boat. Perfect for beginners because it’s super easy to roll, one of the lightest boats out there and really forgiving.
    If you are up on the Ottawa River and want to give one a try I can get you one to demo. Just fire me an email


    Jen is right on the money.

    The 2 Fun is likely the best fit. Take one out and demo it.

    You will not be disappointed. (At leatr I dont believe you will be).
    Everyone we have put into the Fun series absolutely loves it.

    If you can, take Jen up on her offer.

    If you are anywhere near Cornwall Ontario you are welcome to come out and demo one.
    Our club has the entire Fun series and we will be happy to let you take one for a spin here on the river.
    We use them for classes as well as rentals to members and we offer 30 minute sessions for people who want to try it out.

    If you are near here drop us a line.

    Mandy J

    Thanks ladies and gents.

    It is truly such a sin. I am actually from Cornwall Ontario and was introduced to white water last week on the Ottawa. I am unfortunately back in Halifax now, most likely until Christmas.

    I will keep my eye out for a 2fun. My chum paddles C1 so hopefully we can get out and practice on some ocean surf until next summer. I don’t know of too many places with white water kayaks around the HRM, just ECO who supplies Daggers. If you hear or see of any 2funs for sale – please let me know!

    Thanks for all your great advice.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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