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Gatineau (city) whitewater – Alonzo bridge

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    On Saturday afternoon I saw someone scouting the section of the gat that runs from the below the hydro plant to Tim Hortons (near Alonzo wright bridge)…How was it? Anything worthwhile at these levels?



    nasty place rebar, pourovers , not just the water but the (dirty)quebec police will probably fine you.

    Open Gate


    I’ve cut and paste my description of this easy run posted here a while ago Here goes:

    We paddle this small section on week nights and when we don’t have much time.

    It’s easy Class II-III, depending on the level, 2 man made ledges.

    We have heard from locals that their are caves behind these ledges… and there is rebar for sure(seen it…)

    Water is very sticky in some areas of the ledges, and ugly at low water in the middle of the section. Scouting is necessary to avoid the ugly places !!!

    Other then this, at very low water (right now, I bike besides it every day to work) the 2nd ledge forms a perfect 5′ vertical drop for practicing the boofs. Rock formation right besides the drop allows for going back up and running it again(Open boat edge ).

    Lots of fun right here for fine tuning the boofs before running the Moose or Hog’s back fall
    Also, at the put in, river right, there is a very small but deep sticky hole for vertical figures.

    So nothing to write home about, but another fun little section, 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa/Gatineau.

    Don’t know what Mark D. is talking about regarding the police ???

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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